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The 3 Hidden Benefits of Twitter for Small Business Owners

This is a very interesting guest post written by Carmen Rane Hudson from TVS Internet Marketing who is sharing her precious knowledge on Twitter, from the business point of view. She is talking about three advantages of Twitter you might not have heard.

Many small business owners don’t feel like they’re getting a great deal out of Twitter because they don’t see very many direct leads coming from the site. This is an understandable mindset, because at the end of the day you want to know that your marketing efforts are going to help you make sales.

However, there are a lot of benefits to being on Twitter that aren’t about direct lead generation. Here are 3 of them.

1. Twitter helps you stay on top of things

If your business demands that you stay on top of cutting edge trends and new developments then there is no better resource than Twitter. Follow thought leaders and prolific bloggers and you’ll know everything you need to know.

This is really important if you’ve been struggling with the “community” aspect of making your small business blog work. Few blogs get anywhere without sharing, curating, and talking about other people’s content.

Twitter makes keeping track of the latest blog posts and discussions a breeze. You can focus on the blogs that you’re actively trying to build relationships with and communicate with those blog owners directly.

2. Twitter helps you get engagement

A silent blog that’s like a ghost town is depressing, no matter how many page views you’re getting. Blogs that sell have lots of comments.

What greases the comment wheels? Usually it’s sharing other people’s content. They will often come over to comment on your posts.

How do they know you’ve done this, however? You could wait for them to notice organically, which almost never happens, or you could make a point out of mentioning their username when you post the blog link on Twitter.

This is also a great method if you’ve been struggling to get into conversations with anybody on the site. Conversations tend to start quickly when you’ve done something for someone else.

All of this means more traffic, even from people who don’t speak up, which ultimately means that you make more sales.

3. Twitter helps you build referral partnerships

Nobody likes to be “sold” on Twitter (or anywhere) which is why it’s such a poor venue for direct sales. However, Twitter is a great outlet for networking with other professionals in your city who might be willing to send business your way.

Choose to follow local people who serve the same customer base but who don’t compete with you. If you’re a home inspector, for example, think about following real estate agents.

If you really start helping these people out, engaging with them, and sharing their content then you’re likely to become one of the first people they refer customers to when the opportunity arises—which means you really are selling on Twitter, without ever becoming obnoxious or spammy.

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The 3 Hidden Benefits of Twitter for Small Business Owners

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