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4 Free IPhone /Android Apps For Listening To Music

These days, it seems everyone has an iPhone or iPod, and every owner knows that both devices are perfectly capable of handling your downloaded music listening needs. But when you’re looking for something different, something other than the same old playlists that you’ve made yourself and you listen to all of the time, or the same albums that you playback on repeat in your headphones, you’ll probably be on the market for an app that can play you a good mix of music at random.

And who wants to spend money on these kinds of apps? No one, really – that’s why there are tons of free ones to choose from. Check out these 4 awesome free apps for listening to music in a whole new way with your iPhone or iPod.



The most popular of the free music apps on the market, Pandora is a perfect source for an eclectic mix of music that you select the genre of. You choose an artist or a station that you’d like to listen to, and Pandora picks other songs that are similar in nature to the artist that you’ve chosen.

It’s easy to add variety to a station by adding additional artists, or you can choose a pre-made station that will give you a mix of a particular era of music or a particular genre as a whole, i.e. 90s Pop Music, Broadway Music, Holiday Music, etc. Download it from the iTunes store for instant access to custom-built mixes that you’ll never get sick of! Download it here for iPhone or Android.


slacker-app-features-reviewSlacker is an up-and-coming competitor to Pandora that gives you access to millions of songs from a broad range of artists all within a very sleek user interface. You can even access popular radio stations through Slacker, such as ESPN Radio and ABC News Radio should you choose to listen to your daily news rather than music.

Plus, there are over 150 stations that have been expertly programmed so it’s easy for you to build a playlist that you’ll enjoy listening to – all it takes is one tap of your finger! You can even listen to whole albums or playlists that are filtered by artist. The app itself is free, but it is ad-driven, like Pandora, so be ready to listen to a few commercials here and there. Or, if you wish to pay the mere $3.99 per month for a premium subscription, you won’t have to deal with the ads and you can even listen to your stored playlists and stations without a 3G or WiFi connection. Download it for iPhone , Windows phones or Android.


spotify-reviewsSpotify isn’t so much known as a radio listening app like Pandora and Slacker are as it’s known as a great way to preview whole albums by artists before you buy them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to random mixes with Spotify – because you can. And Spotify even lets you skip as many songs as you’d like on any station you’re listening to, which Pandora doesn’t offer as a feature.

With Spotify, you can enter the artist you wish to listen to and either listen to their entire latest album, or create your own custom playlist almost the same way you would create a playlist on your iPod. It’s a full-featured and easy-to-use free app that’s definitely worth a download before you go purchasing new albums in iTunes. Download it for iphone or Android.

iHeart Radio

iHeart-Radio-app-features-reviewsiHeart Radio is one of the more popular radio-listening apps on the market. You can stream most of the popular radio stations from across the U.S. with this app for easy access to your favorite stations when you’re not in your car or near a radio.

The other cool thing about this app is that it can locate your current position where you’re listening from and identify local stations for you to listen to with no extra hassle. It’s a great option for listening to your favorite radio talk shows or top countdowns while at work. Download it for iPhone or Android.

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4 Free IPhone /Android Apps For Listening To Music

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