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5 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows OS

Windows have been on the market for some years now and maybe you have purchased a computer with the recent offering from Microsoft pre-installed. That said, Linux still tops Windows in many ways and that is why there are more Linux Laptops on the market today. If you are still using a laptop running on Windows OS, then read with me to find out why you should consider getting a Linux system and do away with your Windows OS.

1.   Community support

The reasons why their more Linux laptops on the market today is because Linux has better community support. Do you know you can solve a problem that might happen on your Linux system without the need to get guru? It’s easy, you just search for a related thread on the web for the problem you are facing or start a thread and wait for comments and solutions from other Linux users. After some few minutes or hours of posting the thread o any Linux forums, you may get a reply that clearly describes the solution which can help you resolve the problem you are facing without incurring any cost. Today, there are multiple of Linux users who are ready to respond to related threads that are created on the web. In fact, the number of community support activities on Linux related forums is higher than that of active members on any Windows related forum.

2.    Downloading windows 10 can consume more internet bundles

If your broadband provider provides you with a download limit then Windows 10 is not your better option since the download for Windows 10 is larger. On the other hand, you can download Linux system in fewer than 2 GB and some can even be installed for around 600MBs. In fact, you can get some that are smaller I size than that.

3. Linux is free

Some years back, Microsoft had a free upgrade but currently, that doesn’t exist. Any upgrade to Windows OS has to be paid for. Although many vendors sell computers with Windows 10 installed it becomes difficult if you decide to stick to your old machine and you need a new operating system. You must pay for the recent version of Windows or decide to download and install Linux without any charge. Additionally, Linux comes with all the necessary features that are on an operating system and it is completely hardware friendly. Currently, Linux is seen to be the best for top companies in the tech industry which makes it also good enough to run on your computer.

4. Security

Although there is no operating system that can be said to be risk-free, Windows OS remains a big target and is vulnerable to different types of attacks as well as hacks. Moreover, when working on Windows operating system, you are required to install antimalware or antivirus software as well as a firewall which consumes your memory as well as CPU usage. On the other hand, Linux is not as vulnerable as Windows OS. Although, it can also be attacked the chances are minimal.

5. Reliability

Linux system is more reliable than Windows OS. It can take you your time to close a program that has hanged while you are on Windows OS or even when you try to close it using task manager, it still cannot be closed easily and can require many attempts before you close the offending program. Linux comes with an XKill command that helps you to kill any offending program, also, Linux programs are self-contained.

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5 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows OS

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