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5 Simple Ways You Can Effectively Boost Content Traffic

I’ve been on the internet doing Internet marketing since 1999, and I can tell you that it’s never been as easy as it is today. Back when the internet was more akin to the wild west, affiliate marketing programs were limited mostly to credit cards and cruise deals.

Now we’re living in the age of teenagers making thousands of dollars off of t-shirts with internet catchphrases and funny cat pictures, going “viral” in a matter of days.

Non-Techies Can Enjoy Success, Too

You don’t have to be young and tech-savvy to start building an online audience, you just need to be interesting. I’ve written books such as the Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook, things that put me on the map and make me a resource of valuable information. I put together an affordable Super Bootcamp course for non-techies who want to learn about internet marketing, and my stats shot through the roof. The point is, valuable content is king. Be informative, be educational and be encouraging in a natural way.

Stop Reading Newsletters, Start Writing Them!

  • Write an update at least once a day – You can find 30 minutes a day to sit down and talk about what’s important to you, guaranteed. Focus on creating strong, attention-grabbing post titles, write a few bullet-points with your most important information, then craft articles around these central bulletpoints. Once you get into a writing groove, start scheduling your content ahead of time so you’ll always have something fresh to post.
  • Share your blog updates through social sites – If you’re just putting all this information out there on the internet but nobody is reading it, what’s the point? You need to be sharing with your audience when you update. Link your blog posts on your Facebook, your Twitter, send out weekly newsletters to your mailing list with links to a few of your articles that week.
  • Encourage your audience to be interactive – Always respond to comments, always like comments on your wall. Strangers from all over the internet ask me questions in my blog comments, and I answer as many comments as I can. Even if it’s just someone saying they like my site, I make sure to thank them for the feedback. People sometimes leave comments to tell me they’ve linked to me on their site, and I’ll say something like “thanks for that great review on your site” with a link to their site in my comment.
  • Put your newsletter on autopilot – If you’ve got all your content pre-scheduled for posting, then your newsletter should be ready for pre-scheduling too. Think about what you want to talk about tomorrow, next week, 2 weeks from now, and have a basic newsletter outlined. Newsletters should never be a last minute, “hey I need to make one” type of moment.
  • Publish a monthly press release – Press releases are really valuable content because they can be spun and linked back to you in hundreds of ways. People can share them, add to them, copy them from press-release sites onto their news site, the number of ways your press releases can be shared are infinite.

Even brick and mortar businesses are experiencing enormous benefits from getting online. Local start-ups are taking advantage of Google+ local and Yelp, distinguishing themselves from the competition by putting themselves on Google maps or just having a mobile-friendly “Call Us” button and business hours on Facebook.

Do the Research on Who You’re Dealing With

I can’t stress the importance of monthly press releases, you can shop around the net and find plenty of press release deals for use on websites like PRWeb. Don’t get trapped into some scheme that’s going to take your content, spin it and distribute it across low-profile sites. There are too many SEO sharks out there who will take your money and do more damage to your reputation in the long run.

Take my advice, do your research and get on a reputable press-release site, you’ll appreciate the professionalism and industry knowledge when you work with the right people.

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5 Simple Ways You Can Effectively Boost Content Traffic

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