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5 Tips for Building Website Traffic With Content

There is no question that content is one of the sure-fire ways to drive traffic to your website. However, does simply posting articles magically make the hits jump through the roof? Absolutely not! There is a lot to know about adding content. If you don’t add the right content or format it the right way, you will just waste your time.

Here are 5 tips for building website traffic with content. These tips will give you some down to earth pointers on how to maximize the effectiveness of your content. Utilizing these tips will be a fantastic way to start racking up more hits, which will ultimately lead to more daily visitors.

Tip #1… Add High Quality Content

The importance of the quality of your content cannot be overstated. Slapping a poorly written piece loaded with poorly-chosen keywords is a sure way to make your visitors wince in disgust. The worst type of content is the kind written by someone who literally has no English or grammar skills! If you are going to bother posting blogs, articles, reviews, or any other type of written content, make SURE that it is high quality, engaging, and thought provoking.

On the same note, keep your website format neat and clean. Make it cool, simple, and pleasant to look at. A website that is too busy or confusing will turn visitors off because it will look unprofessional or ill-conceived. Some of the most popular web sites on the internet are super simple. (Google? Facebook? The homepage and layout of these sites is super-simple to understand and follow!)

Tip #2… Mix it Up

When it comes to adding content, some people like to do the same thing… ALL the time! This might actually work for some people… but for most website owners, variety is the spice of life (and sometimes the gold mine!). Try to keep it interesting by adding content that is different. A good strategy is to post different types of content on different days of the week. Here is an example posting schedule for a website that posts 4 days per week…

  • Monday: Blog written by you (maybe includes video embedded from Youtube, etc.)
  • Wednesday: Guest article written by guest bloggers (Maybe you have a rotation of guest bloggers?)
  • Friday: Product review on a product relevant to the theme of your website
  • Saturday: Questions and answers from the previous week

As you can see here, there are a couple of different types of content being posted throughout the week, which is an excellent way to keep readers engaged and interested.

Tip #3… Keep it Consistent

When it comes to posting content, regardless of how often you post, keep it consistent! Visitors are interested in knowing when they can expect something to come up. They are not going to randomly check on your website every day if they don’t know when you are going to post something! Keeping it consistent and giving them something to expect will draw them back on key days.

Want more traffic every day?… Add content every day! Have your content ready to go a week in advance so that you don’t end up late on anything. Have it planned out a month in advance so that you know what you need and when you need it. In fact, if you know how to create your own website using popular content publishing tools, you can add your content a week in advance and schedule to have it automatically published for you!

Tip #4… Use SEO to Attract New Visitors

Search Engine Optimization is key when adding new content… but you have to do it right. If possible, come up with a different, strategic keyword phrase for each piece of content you add. By doing this, you will increase the likelihood of getting hits on your site, even on older content… while at the same time you will avoid being penalized by Google for having excessive keywords that are all the same.

Also, keep the keywords relevant. Make them relevant to your target audience so that you draw the right visitors… people who are looking for what you have to offer!

Tip #5… Have a 90 Day Plan

Create and implement a 90 day content publishing schedule. Make it consistent week to week, and schedule different topics well ahead of time so that you are not caught off guard. Have a new idea? Write it down and add it to the next schedule! If you have your content planned out on a schedule 90 days in advance, then publishing becomes a simple, streamlined operation that takes up far less time than it would if you always flew by the seat of your pants

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5 Tips for Building Website Traffic With Content

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