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5 Tips and Checks for Buying a Used MacBook

I am planning to buy a used MacBook but I don’t know what to look for. What are the ways to identify any faults with the computer?

If you are thinking of buying a used MacBook, then Tech.Trade can be a good place to purchase your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Macback USA or MacBook Air. However, it is recommended that you carefully test it to find out whether it is working well.

The process of buying a used MacBook can be hectic but with these simple steps, you are good to go.

  1. Examine its age

Although Apple’s technology has the ability to work well for several years, ensure you are buying the system you are in need of. Remember, Apple’s system can resemble, therefore, making it difficult to note the difference. In fact, a system from 2007 will physically resemble a modern on from 2017. Apple has incredible methods to help you identify various MacBook models so you can easily distinguish between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro and also a MacBook Air. However, it is good to avoid systems that are past three years old although these aspects will depend on your needs and the cost of the system.

  1. Is the system damaged?

Examine the system thoroughly for physical damage. Check the screws that hold every part of the system to see whether they are still intact or check whether you can see a sign that shows they have already been exposed or they are loose.  Although scratches are normal sometimes and don’t indicate an issue, ensure the case is not bent. The display lid must close and fit up eventually to the bottom case.

  1. Inquire evidence of purchase

This is very important. You must have bought other products before you decide to buy your system. Note that, buying something which is pricey requires you to get a proof of purchase, so ask to be given a receipt. If you buy your MacBook online, there is a digital copy that you get on your account. If your seller fails to give you a receipt, this can imply there is something wrong with their products.

  1. Ensure all keys are working well

Open the lid and get a place to type. Ensure you press every key on the keyboard and observe for any key that might not be functional.  Ensure it has a firm bump when pressing the keys down as dirty under the keys can be very costly to remove and that can be a clear indication of extreme wear from the previous owner.

Apple keyboard and touchpad and unique and they must never have a quirky feeling to them. Note that buying a MacBook with a malfunctioning keyboard can be stressful in the long run. Also replacing a keyboard can also be expensive.

  1. Check for other users.

When you get your MacBook, check for other users by heading to the root folder. The folder is usually named Macintosh HD of other names that the previous users might have renamed the folder. Check for other users on the Users folder.

If you get other users, go to Mac’s Preference and erase them from there.

Note that these are not the only tips that can help you when buying a used MacBook but they are very important and you should not ignore them.

5 Tips and Checks for Buying a Used MacBook

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