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Acronis True Image Review and Coupons

Acronis True Image Review

Acronis True Image Home is a complete PC backup and recovery suite. It’s Acronis’ most used software and it is the best solution to system backup and restoration in case of any emergency. Here I am giving an extensive review on its features and capabilities, user impressions and the latest discount coupons and promotions. Click on the discount links above to redeem the coupon codes.

Acronis Discount Coupons

My first impressions on Acronis True Image

Are you an individual looking for the most reliable data protection solution or a business searching for a way to improve productivity, gain more control over the factors surrounding your business and reduce server downtime? I have heard so much about Acronis data protection software solutions and decided to delve-in into who they are and what they actually do. Acronis is a brand name in the digital security industry. They provide reliable top-notch disaster recovery and data protection solutions which users can use to de-complicate and automate backup and disaster recovery procedures. Their security products support several platforms, including physical, virtual and cloud environments. While providing basic data protection and backup services, I also learnt that Acronis is also known for their remarkable products that can manage geographically deployed PCs, laptops, workstations and even servers. It is reported that their software products is the leading of their kind in over 90 countries and come available in up to 14 languages.

When files are accidentally deleted or corrupted due to virus attack or any other reason, Acronis True Image Home ensures that you do not loss anything. In the event of disk failure, it helps keep your system running with the backup copy of your disk. Many people lose vital data everyday to threats and other system complications; photos, videos, music, applications, documents, financial data, etc, have been lost permanently. This software makes situations like this a thing of the past and safeguards you against future losses. It has a comprehensive and user-friendly interface which makes it easier to control and schedule backup operations. It also has a complete power pack of expert features with which you can easily recover your data in the event of any disaster. And it also ensures that you are safeguarded against any future occurrences.

Features of Acronis True Image

It doesn’t take more than a second to witness a major loss of important photos, videos, company files and many other important data on our system. The Acronis True Image is software solution launched with several top-notch features with the assurance of providing unequal backup and restores services that answer to the technological demands of 2012. Among others, the features of the Acronis True Image include:

Reliable disk imaging and PC-cloning ability: While many of its kinds are designed to provide basic recovery solutions, the Acronis True Image leverages on its state-of-the-art disk image and PC-cloning technology to provide exceptional system recovery by actually fixing every piece of your data back from where it was picked; your precious images back in your favorite’s folder, your software applications restored and all your icons and shortcuts back in their original positions. This technology also comes with a Secure Zone function, which enables users to create a disk partition from their internal hard drive from where they can conduct system recovery operations at no additional requirements. With this feature, system recovery can be conducted within seconds even if your Operating System refuses to boot.

Top-notch file synchronization features: Have you ever thought of synchronizing between multiple PCs or devices? Acronis True Image now come with exceptional file synchronization functionality enabling users to share files with friends, family and colleagues through the internet while allowing synchronization between multiple computers, supporting devices and files. I always like to keep a copy of some important transactions, and the ability to synchronize with local folders, with no exception to USB sticks and external hard drives, is among the most value I found with this improved restore technology.

Backup automation function: I personal hate the sound of my alarm reminding me to run a backup or the regrettable thought of why I couldn’t do it when I closed work the previous day. Thanks to Acronis True Image solution, all these hassles are fast becoming a thing of the past. The Acronis True Image features a Smart Scheduling function which allows users to decide when they want their backup operation to be conducted. From experience, most people prefer when the PC is idle or just before startup or shutdown. This ensures that the PC users are not interrupted in any way by the backup operation. Additionally, the Set&Forget function allows users to automate their backup operations by setting and configuring their backup preferences. While these require only few minutes to set it up just once, it removes the need for personal backup reminding alarms and its consequent regrets.

Detect virus, malware and potential dangerous programs before they harm your PC: Perhaps this is the best feature that Acronis True Image has. While even the big corporation companies are crying of the problem of hackers and several other attacks, it became even necessary that we take every step towards ensuring the safety of our PC. With such solution with the Try&Decide function of Acronis True Image, it becomes even easier to do so. The Try&Decide functionality is a technology included with the Acronis True Image that creates a virtual platform for test-driving programs, applications and even websites to pre-determine their potential impact on the PC. With this technology, you can easily analyses and decide if truly you want to keep or discard the new changes made to your system.

Unequal scalability: Acronis True Image comes with a Plus Pack add-on which features dynamic-disk support and Universal Restore capabilities. With this technology, you can easily restore your entire system on a different computer that does not necessarily run a similar architecture. With Live Backup supports, you can even go back in time with your PC, turning over to when you may have not installed a particular application; you are given complete control over your entire PC.

Do you have a 3TB external hard drive that is not supported by your windows operating system? Ordinarily, you can’t use such a hard drive with your OS but with Acronis Extended Capacity Manager, you can effectively conduct backup and restore operations from that hard drive. For users who make use of huge disk spaces while running on Operating Systems that may not ordinarily support them, this is a handy functionality.

Never worry about third party interference: If your data and backup & restore operations are not kept from prying eyes, Acronis True Image has not done any job then. It includes state-of-the-art Advanced Encrytion Standard which comes with multiple bit encryption technologies designed to provide government –grade encryption services.

Customers’ Feedback

Having written similar reviews a couple of times, I have come to understand that finding enough customer  reviews means that so many people have actually tried the product  and can say, from their personal experiences, what such product truly does as oppressed to what the manufacturers, designers or owners said. Acronis True Image has gathered quite a number of users over the years which didn’t happen just because of the name of the company. It was mostly based on the effectiveness of their software solutions which Acronis True Image is at its heart.

Many customers expressed satisfaction with Acronis True Image solution owing to a number of advantages ranging from easy installation and customization to low system impact, fast system backup and restore operations and reliable scalability options. The most interesting part was that some customers that commented on this product have had some experience with Norton Ghost. Can we do a little justice to this? Let us now compare Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost.

How Acronis True Image Compares To Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost is a system backup and restore software program from Symantec, a well known player in the security software industry. Symantec has featured several protection solutions which Norton Ghost is one of them. Norton Ghost is designed to provide users complete or partial system backup. Just like Acronis True Image solution, Norton Ghost has also a pool of users with various comments on their experiences.

How these two products compare?

Comparing the features we outlined above about Acronis True Image and the Norton Ghost backup and restore solution, there are quite a number of differences I uncovered. I found that Acronis True Image supports several hard drive sizes and works on almost all operating system platforms, including from Windows 98. On the other hand, Norton Ghost has some special operational requirements among which are Win2000 SP4 minimum and Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1.

While with True Image, users are provided unlimited access to their files, including those backed-up with earlier versions, Norton Ghost users experienced some flaw with this feature. Users have complained of their inability to access files created with Ghost 9 with Ghost 10 and vice versa. Ghost does not also provide backup operations up to individual files and folders like True Image but just full drive or drive partition preferences. However, Norton Ghost, like True Image also allows users to conduct backup operations at strategic points like just before boot, shutdown, log on, etc.

Acronis True Image Backup

• Disk imaging

• File backups

• Full, incremental and differential backups

• Around the clock protection

Manage & Protect

• One-click protection

• Set&Forget backups

• Try&Decide

• Encryption

• Privacy tools


• Quick restore

• Recover files and folders

• Recover to any point in the past

• Keep working during a restore

Does Acronis Give Discounts?

The company issues promotional codes which updates them from time to time. You can purchase the software you need and make use of our updated Acronis Coupons. You will save up to 15% off the initial price.

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Acronis True Image Review and Coupons

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