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Advantages and Disadvantages of LED TV

LED TVs are now very popular and trending because of many reasons; some say it shows clear picture with high definition, some say it is vary slim and light weight, and many more. But one thing is always correct that with advantages there come many disadvantages too. And it is not an exception in case of LED TVs too. Because it also brings many advantages for the users and disadvantages too.

So read the whole article because here we have mentioned all about LED TVs like what is it? How is it differing from previous LCD TVs? What are it advantages and disadvantages? All make you understand whether the LED technology is better or not? And I am sure, it will help you to choose the best LED TVs in India and buy it.

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What is LED TV?

A TV with a LED screen is a LED TV. Now the question is what is LED screen? Then the answer is, a screen or display that is covered with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) panels which lit up simultaneously to show something in a lighting way. Some of the LEDs of the screen emits light and some remains off to form different figures like in various sign boards, posters, public transports, and others.

How is LED screen differing from LCD screen?

LED and LCD screens are not different from each other. Both are technically LCD screens, both are same. The only difference is the CCFLs and the LEDs. Previously, the LCD was covered with CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) and now it is upgraded with LEDs (Light Emitting Diode).

Advantages of LED Screen:

With the up gradation of LCD screens with the LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), there come many advantages with it. And the advantages are:

  • The LEDs are brighter light than the CCFLs; hence the LED helps to show the brighter picture quality on the TV screen.
  • The LEDs are more energy efficient than the CCFLs. It reduces around 55% energy consumption.
  • It is being possible to watch the brighter and natural color combination on TV screen which gives a better experience only because of LEDs.
  • With the LED paneled LCD screen, the manufacturer are able to show the brightest color as well as the darkest black simultaneously.
  • LED screens have provided a wide viewing angle for the viewers to watch movies or others video contents from sitting almost anywhere in front of the TV, which is not possible in case of LCD screens with CCFLs.
  • The LCD screens with LEDs are more durable than LCD screens with CCFLs. Hence it gives a long life to your TV.
  • Because of the LED, TVs have become slim and light weight.

Disadvantages of LED

There are some disadvantages of LED screens too, and the first one is the price. The prices of TVs with the LED technology are costlier than the LCD with CCFLs. All the models launched by various companies are almost double the prices of LCD TVs. Even the plasma TVs are cheaper than Led TVs and project almost same picture quality with color combinations. The second is, almost all the LED TVs come with stands, not with wall mounting options because of their designs and dimensions.

Final Words

So, Friends, these are all about LCD TVs with CCFL and LCD TVs with LED, their differences, and advantages and disadvantages of LED TVs which will help you to understand the both and also to differ each of them. Now you know everything about LED TVs, so choose the best LED TVs in India from various brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, etc and their top and trending models. Hope you will have the best one as per your need & your budget and will enjoy the best experience of watching movies or other favorite contents. Thank You.


Advantages and Disadvantages of LED TV

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