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Free Making Computer Boots from the Network with AOMEI PXE Boot

Free Making Computer Boots from the Network with AOMEI PXE Boot

When your laptop breaks down and there is no USB flash drive or CD to let you make a bootable media, how to boot your broken computer? Yes, you can make laptop boot by PXE if there is other Windows system computer that runs well. But today we will recommend you to use another great tool AOMEI PXE Boot, AOMEI PXE Boot can help you to boot computer from the network easily. AOMEI PXE Boot is developed by AOMEI Technology, global excellent disk partitons, backup, cloud software development enterprise.

How to make computer boot from the network with AOMEI PXE Boot?

Step1, download and launch AOMEI PXE Boot Tool. You will see the interface as the picture below showing. You can select any one of them to deploy images. The first option will offer you a link and you can click it to download Linux system bootable image file and AOMEI Backupper. The second option is to let you load custom image file. You can add the path of image file into it, and click on “Start Service”.

Step2, after clicking on “Start Service”, you have to set boot sequence in BIOS. There are different setting methods on different computers. In a word, network should be the first booting device if you want to use PXE function.


Step 3,  after finishing set in BIOS of client computer, you can save changes and exit, and PXE service will run between two computers automatically. The connection status can be seen in the PXE Boot Tool interface. If client computer boots from network, you can close PXE service in server computer.


AOMEI PXE Boot can help you make computer boot from the network easily. With the help of free AOMEI PXE Boot Tool, every computer user can boot broken computer without disk skillfully. What are you waiting for? In addtition, AOMEI Technology’s mainly professional committed to the disk partitions, resize partition, merge partition, data backup, cloud disk management,etc, so you can use AOMEI’s another partition software to convert dynamic disk to basic without losing data, try them today?

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Free Making Computer Boots from the Network with AOMEI PXE Boot

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