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Aptoide Is Best Alternative For Google Play Store

Aptoide: Best Alternative to Google Play Store

Google Playstore is undoubtedly a global hub of Applications of Android users, and it has been ruling the App world since years now. However, I believe that now we need something else. A lot of time we face trouble to find a particular Application in it. There are many reasons to reconsider something else over Google Playstore. The gigantic userbase of Android gives a chance to many other networks to offer same services like Google Playstore.

What? If not Google Playstore?

Apart from Google Playstore there many other App stores or you can them App marketplace to find numerous Apps and download them and the speciality of those marketplaces is that they allow you to download and use those Apps which are not even available on Google Playstore for a variety of reasons. Reasons like Apps not been allowed by the specific country’s government to be released in the country or the App doesn’t meet the requirements of your region.

But another question arises that which third-party marketplace is best to find great Apps? It’s the best App marketplace I’ve ever seen and that is Aptoide.

Why should I choose Aptoide?

Aptoide has a clean interface and lets you do your task more efficiently than any other App marketplace. If you really don’t want to spend your money on trying new Apps, then you can never find a better option then Aptoide because the chance of getting an Application is free are more in this marketplace.

Both the App and website are smooth and from the VFX point of view, top class. Compared to other popular alternatives Aptoide stands out because of better design. As soon as you open the App, you’re greeted with a welcome screen, and that’s were the things start working good for you. The App notifies you if there are some updates available for your installed Apps just like Playstore

Aptoide is committed to its subscribers for a better service compared to any other App marketplace including Google Playstore, that’s why the network constantly updates according to needs of the subscribers to provide a smooth, resilient service. One of the very good examples and one of the great features among many is that you receive constant push notifications related to the updates frequently to keep you updated with all the happenings with the App.

Categories like Casual Apps, All kinds of games, Entertainment, Business, Communication, Dating, Educational, Music, Game Apps and much more are available in Aptoide.

Other than all those things, if you are an info maniac and want to know Android everything about the App world then you can also use the Aptoide Blog to read the best articles about the tech world.

The best part is yet to come, and you can also go with the new AptoideTV, which provides best of the entertainment without even lifting your bum off the couch. In the latest version you will find some cool features to make your day great like more App versions, trusted App badges, Updated notifications, Categories with filters, Remote Install, Google services verification, and much more. Aptoide TV will be like cherry on the top of the cake with the whole package of awesome services Aptoide has to offer you.

So guys as an App lover who loves to try new Apps and learn new things, I think that Aptoide is a relatively smart choice if you really want to explore the world of Apps and try as many Apps you can to make your things done.

The closer look at Benefits of using Aptoide –

  1. Ability to download and use those Apps which not available in your country.
  2. You can discover new Apps in an unlimited number without any restriction.
  3. You can download paid Apps for free. ( Not all of them )
  4. classy VFX and interface with soothes your eyes and matches your expectations quite gracefully.

For third part App installation –

  1. First of all, go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Security.
  3. Check on Unknown Sources.

Wrapping Up –

As I’m on the verge to wrap the article, I believe that we should at least give one try to Aptoide for being such a great App marketplace and for bringing a lot on the table just for us compared to any other App network in the world.

Aptoide Download

Aptoide is the best alternative for google play store. The name aptoide is derived from “Apt” (debian package manager) and last three letters from “ android”. Started in November 17th, 2009. It is android app marketing store  Where you can get android apps for your mobiles. And users can see all the latest applications by single tap.

Why Aptoide Is Best Alternative For Google Play Store :

Because it offers all the features of google play. it scans each and every app in their store to check malware virus. It keeps only safe apps. Users can comment and review of any app. And android developers can upload their own app in aptoide for free.

Aptoide Pros:

  1. Users can download any apps at free of cost
  2. Users can upload there own apps also
  3. Available in 17 languages
  4. Scans every app to check virus so that users can be aware of those effected apps.


  1. Not available for apple users

Latest Versions Of Aptoide App:

Aptoide lite : Smart and fastest app store.

Aptoide tv : This version is available for setup box TV users. By this users can download movies apps like Netflix, hulu, youtube, deezer and many

Aptoide v5.4 :

  1. All bugs are fixed from last version
  2. Few changes in the layout

How To Install And Use Aptoide App:

Before using the this app change the settings > security > and tap on unknown sources

Check below screenshots for quick understand:






To allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

How to Install Aptoide In Your PC :

To install this app users must bluestack application and then download the apk file from here to install this app apk.


Aptoide is not available in google play store all the users must download the official site or any other available source. To download any apps users must download the antoide apk first. By the above process.

Click Here To Download Aptoide Apk Application :

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Aptoide Is Best Alternative For Google Play Store

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