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The Best 3 USA News Applications for Android Phones

Ever wanted readily access to all the newspapers and all the stories as they unfold? If you are like me and you have an Android, then you are just few apps away from accessing all the top news in your country and region. Here are three of the best news apps you can install in your Android device today.

US Newspapers by Baris Efe

This is an android app that you can use to read major US newspapers and news sites online. You can easily get news from over 50 sources including ABC, Arizona Daily Star, CBS News, CNN, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo News and a lot others. US Newspapers was released in the Google app store on November 14, 2013 by Baris Efe. Within the first seven days in the store, this app has gotten 4.5 stars and over 3,600 download. You can download it for free here.

Features of US Newspapers

– The newspaper list can be updated online, sorted in alphabetical order or by frequently read
– You can adjust the font size, share news and open with standard internet browser
– Add or delete newspaper or magazine and automatically delete cache
– Personalize the order of the newspaper with the up and down arrow or by dragging and dropping them where you want
– You can also view either the mobile or desktop version of the newspaper

What Users Say About US Newspapers

With over 3,600 users for a week old app, you’d want to find out what is different or unique with it. Turns out people are actually singing praises to it. Users said this app does exactly what it says by giving them access to all the best papers. They also commended the user interface which they say is perfect and makes using the app super easy. Another point though, that got my attention is where a user said the app didn’t include his home town newspaper, the Kansas City Star, but he was able to add it himself.


– It is free
– Comes with all the major US newspapers
– It helps you sort your newspapers by putting the most read at the top
– You can add a newspaper that has a website
– Awesome, clean user interface
– Users can personalize the app to serve them better


– You can easily confuse the desktop version for the mobile version which may cause the app to slow down your device or crash often

Newspapers USA by Tiny Mobile Inc.

This is another free news app for android that gives you access to over 130 newspapers in the USA including ABC News, Atlantic Magazine, American Spectator, Black Enterprise, CBS, CNN, CNN Money and over a hundred others. It includes all the major news sources giving you both national and regional news coverage. Newspaper USA was released in the Google app store in December 6, 2012 by Tiny Mobile Inc. and has gotten up to 4.5 stars with over 900 downloads. Download it here.

Features of Newspaper USA

– It comes with over 130 newspapers that you can access with a single tap
– It comes with mobile news junkie which ensures you easily get access to the latest news without searching or typing
– Appealing user-interface that is clean and made to stay out of your way
– Includes both national and regional news sites
– You can share articles with friends

What Users Say

With a dominant of 5 star ratings by over 900 users, Newspaper USA stands as one of the best free news app for the news enthusiast. Users love the app for its wide range of newspaper list, clean interface and unobtrusive ads that stays out of your way. It helps you get your favorite news on the fly with amazing fonts that begs for reading. Most people commended the app because it gives them access to both regional and national newspapers right on their mobile device.


– It is free
– App includes major national and regional newspapers
– Integration with mobile junkie guarantees fast access to the latest news
– Friendly user interface
– Easily share articles with friends
– You can add or delete sites


– Some users complain about the apps’ interface and the banner ads

Fast News by Pinenuts Android Developers

Fast News is a news app for Android that will allow you access to the major newspapers in United States, United Kingdom, India (available in different languages), Ireland, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and many others. The app is fast and lightweight and will grant you access to the major news headlines in your country. It was released in the market on November 18, by Pinenuts Android Developers, and has gotten over 14,000 downloads and 4.5 stars within the first 5 days in Google app store.

Features of Fast News

– It is very fast with no much memory usage
– Friendly user-interface that makes it simple to use
– Easily compare article between different newspapers
– Re-order the list of newspapers to make your favorites papers handy
– Supports over 15 countries including United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, – Argentina, China, Taiwan, Belgium, and Austria
– Easily share news with friends via mail, social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or via other apps

What Users Say

With over 14,000 downloads in the first five days of release, it is obvious that Fast News is one of the best free news apps in the market. Many users confirmed this, commending its slick compilation of all the major newspapers in over 18 countries – one of the features that are hard to find in other apps. Users love that they don’t have to install another app if they want to read news from other countries. It comes with a slick user interface allowing users to compare news articles. It is fast and can fetch you news on the fly.


– It is free
– It supports over 18 countries
– It is available in different languages
– It is fast and simple to use
– Users can easily personalize how the app sources and lists their news
– It allows users to easily share news with friends and colleagues


– Few users reported they could do with more USA sports newspapers

If you are anything like me, an Android user and a news enthusiast, (who isn’t?), then these are the apps you need. They will feed you with the latest news in your country and region on the fly. Make a choice among them and stay armed it the latest development in your country and region. Stay informed!

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The Best 3 USA News Applications for Android Phones

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