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Best Linux OS Tiny Core (Small, Fast and reliable)

Best, Fast, Small and Reliable Linux OS

For easy to understand I have installed Virtual Box and create Virtual PC for installation of Tiny Core.

Why I use Tiny Core:-

  1. Tiny Core is free linux flavor and very strong features.
  2. Tiny Core is very flexible OS to be stored and run from USB sticks, or even embedded devices hardware.
  3. Graphical User Interface.
  4. Very Fast OS which boot in just 3 second.
  5. Run on old hardware with best performance.
  6. Tiny Core without Graphical User Interface that is under 7 MB
  7. This OS can run with only 48 megabytes of RAM
  8. Best Support and you can approx install your preferred web browser, word processor, music player, and other software.

Linux Best OS which installed in Less than 1 minut

How to Install Tiny Core on Virtual Box.

  1. Download the ISO file from Tin Core Official Site.
  3. The Official site contain three type of ISO with all description. Choose your ISO and download it.
  4. Now open virtual box and create a new virtual machine.Name-OS-selection
  5. Enter your name and OS. When you write Tiny Core it will automatically change Type to linux. It is not necessary to use name Tiny Core you can write with your own.Name-OS-selection
  6. Than select Ram.Select-ram
  7. Select Hard
  8. Select Hard Drive Type.Hard-drive-type
  9. Storage on Physical Hard Drive.Storage-physical-drive
  10. Virtual Hard Drive Location and Size.Location-size-hard-drive
  11. Create

Best Linux OS Tiny Core (Small, Fast and reliable)

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