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Best Linux OS Tiny Core (Small, Fast and reliable)

How to install application on Tiny Core

  1. After boot in to desktop right click on desktop select Systems Tool then Apps.Apps-Install-1
  2. From new window click on Apps then Cloud (Remote) and then Browse. All apps are available on left panel of windows.
  3. Write xfe in front of search and after selecting xfe install on Go button it will install xfe file manager.
  4. You can see all install apps by right click on desktop

Boot Code

home=sda1 opt=sda1 tce=sda1 means your data will always save on drive

norestore means that it will never backup and restore your data every time

There are many other boot code if you want to study all of them please go to below website

I am using Tiny Core Since 5 year and found the best Linux OS.

Best Linux OS Tiny Core (Small, Fast and reliable)

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