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The Best Phone Movie Player Apps for Long-Haul Flights

I was recently very disappointed to get on a 6 hour flight and find out there was no entertainment. It was an overnight flight, but I never sleep when flying. I wasn’t aware that the airline in question provided no movies, no music, no anything for their clients even on flights of that length. I got home and immediately started researching the best movie players for the smartphone market.

Phones nowadays provide screens that are big enough to really enjoy high definition movies. The vibrancy and clarity of screen images provide an amazing experience and the size of the screens enables full enjoyment. On the plane, of course, you need to get flight mode on and ensure that you don’t do any harm, but many phones these days will do that automatically anyway. So, without further ado, let’s look at 5 of the best movie players; Samsung video player, MX player, Google Play movies and TV, Mobo player, and Walk Player 2.

Samsung video player

Samsung-video-playerSamsung video player is Samsung’s default player. Unusually, as a stock offering, it is actually one of the best video applications available in the market place. The layout is user friendly and exudes charm and coolness. Video is pop out and movable, so you can multi-task while watching and there are also a wide selection of films that can be purchased from their Samsung video hub. If you are looking around for a better player on your Samsung phone, there may be no need.

MX player

MX-playerThis is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and best-liked 3rd party applications for video provided on Android. It is a terrific application both simple and powerful. You simply port movies in through the SD card or internal memory, boot up MX and it will read just about any file format and stream it seamlessly and smoothly. Occasionally, MX Player may not find the format acceptable and in which case it will divert you to the correct codec in order to watch it.

Google Play Movies and TV

Google-Play-Movies-and-TVGoogle is such an ambitious company. It was never going to stay clear of the movie niche. Google has a movie store in which you can rent titles from 99p. The Google streaming service is not usable on a plane, but it is possible to backup movies and watch them offline. As with everything Google, it’s a good offering. Download it here.

Walk Player 2

Walk Player 2 will play almost anything. It has a clean interface and good user friendly design. You can fast forward, rewind, and have a timeline, making for easy control of your video experience. It’s a good player to choose.


MoboPlayer-app-for-androidMobo goes the extra mile further than most other players. As well as providing a nice interface, you get video thumbnails in order to choose where you start. The video experience is smooth and uninterrupted, audio is in time with the video, and you can change the skin of the player to your preference too. Developers really have gone the extra air mile to provide a nice video player. Download MoboPlayer here.

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The Best Phone Movie Player Apps for Long-Haul Flights

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