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Best ways to download videos from Instagram

As we all know that there is an option where you can upload any type of videos on Instagram. Once the video is uploaded on your account, it will allow your video up to 60 seconds to share a moment with your followers. It is the common thing that we used to see after having an Instagram account. Generally, the sharing of videos has become more common among the users like own moments, movie clips, songs and more. Also, you could see that many of the users are uploading the videos for promotional purpose. So, this is how that most of the users are using their Instagram accounts.

When coming to viewing the videos, there are the feeds which are usually filled with high-quality stuff that gradually grabs the attention of users. In this case, the users are showing their interest towards downloading their favorite videos on their device. But unfortunately, there is no any specific option like downloading video available in the application.

To the people who all are seeking for a tool that helps to download videos from Instagram can follow. Here we are going to bring some of the easiest ways for you to downloading the videos. Hope it will be very helpful for all the users that who all are fond of downloading the favorite instantly.

Download Instagram videos on PC

As we all know that Instagram is mainly developed for SmartPhones. However, it is also possible for the user to check out their Instagram account on pc. When coming to pc, you will also see the same stuff available on your phone. There is no option officially allotted for your device to download the videos from Instagram. Let’s have a look that how it supports on your pc when it comes to downloading the videos.

Method 1:

Here we are going to check out that in what way this method will go to support the user for downloading the videos. All you just need to follow some of the steps which will be going to help in video downloads. Let’s have a look on below steps. Hope it will be very helpful for all the Instagram users that who all are seeking for downloading the videos for a long time.

  1. First of all, the user should “Right click” on the available video that you wanted to download.
  2. Now, you should choose the option called “Inspect element”.
  3. When it comes to Firefox or chrome, the inspect option is generally available and turned on by default.
  4. If you have other browsers, then you must visit and enable it from settings.
  5. Once the above process is done, the window will be opened and started to display at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Now, the user can expand the division which is displaying on the screen and copy the respective HTTP link in the tag of src.
  7. After the above process is completed, the user should now open a new tab which is essential for further process
  8. Now, you should paste the copied link and it will start to load the video that you want in clear resolution.
  9. Finally, the user must proceed by right click on the video and choose a “save video”.
  10. At last, the video has been saved successfully on your pc.

Download Instagram videos on Android/iOS

If you are looking for the video to download from Instagram on your device, then this could be the best chance for you to make use of it.

Method 2:

By following the simple steps, it will be helpful for you to complete the video downloading process. It is very simple for the user to copy paste the video URL on the video downloader site like Here are the simple steps to follow for Android/iOS.

  1. At first, you must visit the site and enter into it.
  2. Once entered, the user should open an Instagram app and search for the video to download.
  3. Now, copy the link of the video and get back to the then paste it.
  4. The icon for download will be appearing at the bottom and tap it.
  5. Finally, the video will be downloaded and saved on your device at free of cost.


People who all are searching for the online video downloader for a long time can utilize this better chance at last. With the help of, it is very simple for the users to download their favorite videos at anytime without making any difficulties.

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Best ways to download videos from Instagram

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