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After the elections, with prices sky-high and car sales down to 28% already seems that no one is “unpatriotic” to say that the economic situation is improvable. Why not take this opportunity to save money on software licenses installing free software? (Business Budgeting Software) It seems clear that free software has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO = licenses + installation + training + maintenance + obligation of new versions + renew hardware because the new version needs 2Gb + …).

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Yesterday precisely, he chatted with friends who in their companies have installed Cezanne Software in one and PeopleSoft in the other, for HR management. In the end, after hundreds of thousands of Euros spent to continue to have some detail to profile, some miss the functionalities of the other. Anyway, as usual. If they had installed, for example, OrangeHRM, a product free of HR management, they would not have such a wide range of services, but with more than 200,000 Euros of licenses, they give to develop what you need because who uses 100% of it Who give their programs?

The most immediate conclusion is that free software lacks marketing. The problem is that marketing is expensive, very expensive.

Because with more communication, these two people would know that there are specific free software products, beyond OpenOffice, Linux, Mozilla, etc.

And above all, with an adequate product positioning, the IT manager of a company would not be afraid to bet on a free product, with the risk of ending up in the INEM queue if there is a problem. Of course, betting on a well-known brand, which puts great posters at professional fairs, this person will keep his job, without anyone looking inside if technically is right or wrong.

So, the second derivative leads us to that communication has to go to a level of direction and decision making. That’s where we have to access pro-software-free and win adepts.

Of course, nobody has said that this is easy.

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Save Money Using Free Software | Think about

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