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Career Advice For CAD Graduates

If you are a Computer Aided Design CAD graduate and you can’t find jobs in a big firm or you’re not ready to work freelance, there are other ways for you to still make something out of your career. The truth is there is always going to be thousands, if not millions of people all over the world who can’t afford to go to university but still want to learn CAD. This is where you come in by filling up the vacuum created by the demand. So dust off your books and get your PC ready, here are some alternative ways for you make something out of your education.

Teach Others

If you do a bit of promotion on websites like craigslist, gumtree or other community listing sites you’ll be able to link up with people who will want to learn about CAD from someone else instead of going to college or online course. Teaching other people will not only put money in your pocket but also ensure that you retain the knowledge of what you’ve learned in college, in case you change your mind about working for a firm.

Online Tutoring

There are many websites on the internet that are always looking out for CAD College graduates they can hire to tutor their students. All you need is to look for them, sign up and start tutoring. Some of them pay per hour while other pay per the number of students you lecture. If you don’t want to do that then you can just decide to set up your own online CAD tutoring platform where people can sign up for lessons. This is more wide reaching than the physical form of tutoring because you can get students from different parts of the world and many students can be lectured all at the same time.

Start A Blog

Blogs are one of the best ways for people to share information and get attention in the age of the internet. Your job as a blog owner is to put your CAD expertise into words and upload in on your blog for people to read. You can make money from the blog by signing up with Google Adsense and other adverting systems. You can also go into affiliate marketing and help people sell their CAD software and other things associated with the field. However, to start a CAD blog, you will need to have good knowledge of both copywriting and SEO techniques. But if you don’t then you can get someone to do the writing and SEO for you while you focus on marketing and promotion. You can also make money on your CAD blog by selling banner ads and delivering consultation services.

Author Books

Every day new things are discovered and developed in the CAD design industry making it hard for people to catch up with the latest developments. You can make good money by gathering new information about a specific issue and putting it in a book. This is a bit better than a blog because the information in the book is specific and complete. It’s not compulsory for you to publish the book in hardcover or physical copy. You can make it an eBook and sell it online to your blog or social network followers.

Enter Competitions

There are many CAD competitions going on in freelance job websites like freelancer, CrowdSpring, or 99Designs that you can enter. You can also find such competitions in forums or other websites if you do some research. Just get the details, make design and submit your entry. Winners are usually rewarded with good money and prizes.

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Career Advice For CAD Graduates

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