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Comparison between Windows and Linux | Linux VS Windows

“Quick overview over some of the major differences between the Windows operating system and Linux-based operating systems”

Today I’ll be making a technical difference between Windows and Linux in a hole, and that’s pretty much it’s going to be a quick overview of the differences. So to start off we’ll be diving into Windows which you’ll see on the left side this is the home page and Linux one of Linux is most popular websites on the right Linux org, and this is the Winx desk are the windows 8.1 desktop this is my primary system. How can you be a Linux user and also use Windows at the same time? Oooh, how can you do that? Well, honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I love the features and all the bonuses of living in a world of Windows and I also love all the great things like to experience while using Linux. I think there are many bonuses to having both and I don’t see what the con I don’t see what the point is for controversy between using either. I just love comparing and seeing the differences between them. That’s pretty much this is what you would look like it this what you would see this is Windows the most popular operating system in the world at least. When it comes to personal computers, it is owned by Windows. Which was created by Bill Gates and is no longer mainly held by him considering he is no longer the CEO. You can do that when you’re the richest man in the world and Windows was created in 1985, and it was mainly set up to be a graphical user interface for the ms-dos operating system. Which was pretty much as the large shell or large black screen terminal you know that just allowed you to type a bunch of words into it and so it came a long way. Originally we had windows memos in Windows 95 I was one of the biggest successors, and then we had 98 that we had 2000 and XP and that took over like crazy and moved on to Vista. Which is horrible and that we had Windows 7 and now we have windows Point R 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10 which is our current release. Windows 10 this pretty much would you get most people run Windows. So if you have a personal computer, you probably run Windows on it. A lot of the pros of Windows are you get tons of apps tons of support so being that Windows pretty much takes over. I think a little over 90 or 80 percent of the market share when it comes to desktops and personal computers. They get tons of the support when it comes to apps and all that, so everyone wants to design their programs and all the best software for Windows. Which is one of the great bonuses of it, you also get the crap ton of support because Microsoft is an incredibly rich and powerful company worth billions and billions and billions of dollars and has enough money to have a huge support team to answer all your questions. It also the community because everyone uses Windows it also has a great design because of all the years of work they finally worked out a lot of the kinks and even when Windows 10 I think they did even better and they were able to create this beautiful design. This elegant design for this powerhouse of an operating system that packed with so much crap and that was pretty cool. Another Pro it’s the best for gaming doesn’t matter which operating system you use rather it’s a Linux machine, or you used OS 10 or OSX. As I prefer to Apple Windows is the best, and there are never going to be there’s currently not any other operating system that has more games or more support for better for gaming. There is no operating system which runs games similar also with that because one is so popular you get so much compatibility when it comes to hardware. So if you have a machine, it can most likely run Windows on it and might not be able to run a Linux distribution. It might not do, and it probably can’t run an Apple without a lot of hacking. But uh it can probably want to Rendell’s machine Windows is just pretty compatible with every. Now diving into Linux so for this article no disrespect to any other distributions I love the different distributions. I’m going to use a distribution called Linux Mint, and it’s one of those popular of the Linux distributions. Arguably number one or two spot but I’m not going to decide which is more popular between Linux Mint or Ubuntu. It’s pretty much just to show people out there who haven’t used the operating system or used Linux. What it looks like what they would sort of be getting if they were to use Linux. And also because it’s very, In design wise, it’s very kind of relative to Windows. Because you have your taskbar at the bottom, you have your menu bar and your features and options and different access to different things, and that’s very similar to Windows. Here are some of the pros of Linux. With Linux, it’s very customizable so with using Windows machine maybe thinking well I’ve customized it quite a lot I’ve done a lot of stuff well you have, but at the same time you can never customize windows as much as you would ever be able to customize a Linux machine. Where the development teams have made it even more customizable by pre-adding these features by pre-installing these features such as mint where you can pretty much change your background your design your colors of everything you can turn this taskbar into a dock. You could turn it to the side you can add multiple taskbars. If you wanted you could take widgets and add them to your screen, you could use desktop icons can remove them all, could do anything, bold a towel and a lot of that already built into the OS. If you use Windows and were to install it freshly, you wouldn’t have all those options you maybe want to change the color and all that in the wallpaper. But you’re not going to be able to tweak it and do a bunch of cool stuff to it, and it would be harder. It’s also more user power oriented so Windows does have a lot of people to have a lot more power and all that kind of stuff, but Linux truly let you dive deep into your system and just mess with everything including your kernel. All that it’s kind of okay if you’re interested in that sort of stuff um you also get the incredible amount of features. I said using Windows you do get a good amount of features, and you also have a lot of apps and support. But when it comes to real in-depth features Linux takes that whole handily. Also, it’s open source so back in like the 90s Microsoft and Apple and all that they were driving towards closed source. They were pretty much saying that we put all this work we have all this team and need money and all that to make our programs, and we also don’t need to share our secrets and all of our source code all that to other people around the world. And Linux which was developed by Linux Torvald back in 1991 well not particularly all of Linux and everything you see today but the kernel and the kernel was a stepping stone to what you see today. All the other things that stacked on top of it like all these desktop environments and different types of systems and all that play a part when it comes to Linux and when and along with Linux. A few other people they decided to make an open-source license and this was the opposite of a closed source license which prevents people from accessing all their secrets. If you used any of our programs or any of our software you had to share it with everyone in the world and even if you made something and it cost money or what are any or not or anything of that sort you still have to make a free version. For everyone and many people to the advantage of this such as Google who created the Android operating system. Which are the most popular mobile operating system and many many many people have a cell phone or tablet running Android. I’m sure most of you do and begin that would not have existed in the same state it does today. These people had not created Linux, and that’s why androids are free to you today. Not everything on Android may be free, but that’s because of a big mess between other third party companies and all that don’t want to follow the whole open-source. But that gets into a bunch of other legal matters the point is that Linux itself is open-source. Pretty much good around now on to cons one of the biggest cons of Windows is security and vulnerabilities that are in as we all know there are most people know there are millions and millions and millions of viruses and different types of malware and all that to attack your Windows computer. All sorts of stuff people trying to hack it all kinds of different things that just make your Windows machine so vulnerable. So you have to install multiple firewall powerful firewall you have to get antivirus, have to get anti-malware and all that you have to use ad blockers all types of stuff just to prevent all this stuff from accessing your computer. All these bad programs and Trojans and rootkits and all that from accessing your computer and revealing your information that’s so secret to you and or just getting into your private stuff. You just don’t want people accessing that kind of thing you know it’s none of their business. But it makes it a lot easier on Windows machines because of the multiple users in the way that Windows designed. Linux is incredibly secure, and according to statistics, I believe there’s only around 40 viruses or any of that are known for Linux machines. Most of those are just exploits that a lot of developers have fixed already and that makes your computer virtually impossible to have a virus or anything of that sort. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hack so you should always use a firewall. It doesn’t mean that you can’t trace or something like that, but it matters what it means is that you pretty much will never have to worry about security. Which is why you’ll never have to worry about antivirus or anti-malware when it comes to the Linux system pretty much you’ll just need to use a Linux system to fix the Windows system a lot of the times. Another con of Windows is all the resources that drag. You could have core i7 or something better than that, and you could have you know 10 gigs of ram, 15 gigs of ram and you could have the nicest motherboard. All that and your windows computer can still you can still find a way to bog down your system. You had that with the Linux distribution no matter which one it is if probably never be able to be capable of actually causing your system to lag. But with one of those, it requires so much because of the simple fact that with limits machines you can update all of your drivers all of your stuff all of your programs all of your software everything all at once. With Windows, you won’t have that option because of all the closed source stuff and because each one wants to keep their secret to themselves. Windows themselves can only update some programs and a lot of their initials. So they won’t even update your drivers half the time for you just a few of them. So you have to find third-party software to do all this kind of stuff. The two biggest I think in my mind negatives when it comes to Windows, and then you know you have a few other issues that people don’t like, but those are pretty much it. Now Linux itself has cons as well first you know one being that doesn’t have nearly as much support as Windows. So honestly if you have an issue with Windows you’ll probably always get it fixed. If you have a problem with Linux or a Linux distribution like Linux Mint or a boot or something you might probably be able to get it fixed but if you have a smaller distribution or something that’s not as supported you might not be able to find a fix. You might have to do it yourself, and that can suck also gaming a lot of people like to play games on the computer. A lot of people like to use it on gaming systems like Playstation or Xbox that’s cool but  if your PC gamer and all that most games you’ll want to play and a lot of the best ones in the bit and to get the best performance you’ll need a Windows machine. The steam OS and all that thanks to the steam team which if you’re a gamer you love steam probably they’re awesome. That’s a con that Linux can’t do also it can be difficult for to transition for users of Windows. I think if you use Windows and were transitioning the mint or something it wouldn’t be that difficult. But some people might, especially if it’s an older person you know that doesn’t use the technology. Because of that Linux attributions are working to make it more, make their design more applicable to people. The Windows and Linux a basic overview I know there’s a lot more things I could have covered. But I just wanted to get into the main differences so that I could spark some interest maybe for people. Some individuals who use windows might jump over to Linux not completely but just to try it out and see something different. and individuals who are stuck on Linux. Who refuse to use windows open up your hearts a little bit come on it ‘s not terrible there’s nothing wrong with using Windows it’s great. You have to quit using Windows unless specifically hold heartedly towards open source and you just hate Microsoft eternally and think they’re just ultimately just the evil company in the world. But thanks for reading the article guys this was a comparison between Windows and Linux. I hope you guys have tried both if you haven’t, please comment below. If you need the difference between Linux and Windows operating system pdf just mail me I will provide you.

Soon I have to write about the difference between Windows and Unix and also Linux vs Windows performance.

The difference between Windows and Linux Wikipedia is also best site for reading that in brief.

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Comparison between Windows and Linux | Linux VS Windows

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