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CorelDraw Essentials 2

CorelDraw is a user-friendly software that helps you make professional grade photos quickly and easily. CorelDraw Essentials 2 is the slimmer software package, an alternative to buying the whole thing. It’s designed for folks who don’t need the works, and it’s sufficient for most things even a small business would need. The package contains the software, a training CD, 250 templates, lots of fonts and symbols, and a library of 100,000 clipart images.

How  CorelDraw Essentials 2 Works

CorelDraw Essentials teaches you using simple step-by-step instructions on how to tweak your images. It’s designed to correct common photography problems, touch up old pictures, and use templates to quickly create nice-looking designs.

The package comes with a number of useful tools like “PerfectShapes,” which gives you ready-made shapes to play with, photo wizards to make the whole process easier, and real time live effects so that you can see what you’re doing as you do it.

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What the Users Say

CorelDraw-Essentials-2David Mackintosh says that the Essentials 2 package is a nice introduction to CorelDraw, and mentions that it works just fine for most ordinary tasks like making posters or technical drawings. The budget price is also something he likes about it.

Massimiliano Wax also comments that this slimmer version is great for office applications like brochures, labels and other printing. He calls it “a very good alternative to the complete software package.”


– CorelDraw Essentials 2 is a simpler, stripped down version of the full package that still takes care of most office printing needs.

– It offers a great introduction to the CorelDraw system for new users at a budget price.

– The training CD is helpful in getting you started.

– It comes with lots of templates, fonts and clipart images.


– This slimmer version is missing lots of the tools and features of the full software.

– It may not be suitable for tasks more difficult than simple office printing.

Complaints And Problems

One area of dissatisfaction among some users was the removal of PhotoPaint 9, a tool that let you use bitmap editors. Jack “bdcu” says that the new photo organizer produces results that are “embarrassing.” He says that, instead of the professional grade quality that you got from the old program, the new organizer looks unpolished.

Other omissions have upset some users. D.Olazo says that the new version doesn’t have the upgrade and download features that were so convenient in the original package. This reviewer feels that the removal of these features seriously hurts the Essentials 2 package, and that most users are better off to use the original.


Overall, CorelDraw Essentials 2 has gotten mixed reviews on Amazon. While some users praised it as a smaller, more compact and easier version of the full software, lots of users complained about its limited capabilities and downgraded tools. It’s a good idea to decide first what tasks you want to do with CorelDraw, and then decide on whether to get the full version or Essentials 2.

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CorelDraw Essentials 2

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