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Deepin Linux

Deepin Linux is a free and open source Linux distribution. Deepin Linux is based on Debian unstable. Deepin Linux is most famous Linux distribution of Chinese origin. But this Linux distribution is used by people all over the world. The goal of Deepin Linux project is to make an operating system which is easy to install and use onto a personal computer.

Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE)

Deepin Linux is one of the most beautiful Linux distribution which differs from other Linux distributions because of its totally different desktop environment called Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). DDE was primarily created for Deepin Linux by Wuhan Deepin Technologies but this desktop environment can be installed in other distributions. There is a community edition of Manjaro with DDE as well. DDE has a launcher with fast software search. Just type and you will find your software. You can send and remove any software to desktop or dock with just clicks. You can also uninstall software or add/remove software from startup list within launcher.

Software Center

You can also install new software from Software Center of Deepin Linux. Deepin Linux has more than 86000 normal packages in its repository. Open Deepin Store and search the software you want. You can install many famous software like VLC, Mozilla Firefox, Kazam, GIMP, Handbrake, Mame etc. Installing software is very easy. You just need to search a software and click on blue install button to install it. Like other software centers available on Linux Distributions, Deepin Store also provide you with basic information about software and comments from other Deepin Linux users.
Deepin Linux comes with all basic software an end user want in his computer. It has its own Image Viewer, Video Player, Audio Player, Deepin Booth Maker, Deepin Cloud Printer and Deepin Cloud Scanner. For help, you get Deepin User Feedback and Deepin Remote Assistance. For office work WPS office comes pre-installed in Deepin Linux. Some other open source software are added fill the needs. Also if you want a software you don’t find in Software Center, then download .deb file and you can easily install it with GDebi Package Installer.

System Settings

Deepin Linux uses different approach to change settings. Instead of using something like Control Panel of Microsoft Windows, it puts all the system settings in a sidebar on the right side of screen. Just hover mouse over bottom right side of screen and sidebar will show up.
In this sidebar, you can edit/add user accounts, change display settings, set default applications, connect/disconnect a network, do power management etc. All you need is to explore sidebar a little and you will know how easily you can work with it.


Deepin Linux makers treat you like their real paying customers. To get more information about Deepin Linux, you can go to their Deepin wiki page. They have their official Deepin Linux blog where you can find different type of information about Deepin Linux for example new updates, new software release, introducing services etc. They even have User Feedback page on their website where users can give feedback about Deepin Linux.
If you feel like you have a pretty big problem and you need answers fast, then you can visit their official forum page to talk about your problems.

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Deepin Linux

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