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Delete My Pokemon Go account

Hello Folks …….!!!

How many of you like to play games in your device …..? How many of you have been playing the latest real-time thriller Pokemon Go …..? Are you now bored of it …..? Do you want to delete Pokemon Go application from your device permanently ……..?

I know dear friends most of us like playing games in your devices, and as time passes you feel bored of it and get a new game which is trend then that is the most leading rated game. So guys here I’m to tell you how to delete Pokemon Go application from your device permanently.

Mostly there will be 4 reasons you feel to delete an application in your device according to my view
1. Getting bored since your passion towards it has been going down
2. When you feel addicted to that application.

3. Errors like Pokemon Go Softban &  Pokemon Go Gps Signal Not Found
4. When your parents are disgruntled by you ( in most of the case this reason is more seen as the children keep on playing games at home and ignore the works told by their parents).

Also we have been seeing many problems faced due to the Pokemon Go application now a days. One of the most faced problem is draining of your battery and effects on life of people playing it trying to catch their favourite Pokémon’s in the most dangerous location ( for example on the edge of the cliff, deep into the depths of beach, middle of the four-cross signal, many more ). In such cases when you feel to end all these losses for yourself of for the sake of others; here is the process how to delete Pokemon Go application from your device.

Temporary break from Pokemon Go application ……………..

  1. Just delete your app from your device.
  2. By just deleting the application from your device you won’t lose any of your favourite Pokémon’s or game related data. This means that when you again want to get back to your game at any point you want to, you will be able to have all your previous points, Pokémon’s etc., as they are before.

Permanent break from Pokemon Go application ………………

  1. Firstly for getting a break permanently you need to fill a short form by heading to the Niantic’s website.
    Description of the form………..
    a. the form consists of four boxes.
    b. firstly you have to enter your email address.
    c. Write “Delete Account” in the subject line.
    d. Providing additional information about your account is optional.
    e. Read thoroughly and check off all the four boxes.
    f. You can add an attachment if you want to.
    g. Click on the submit button after finishing all the above instruction.

  1. After you finish submitting the form, your Pokémon go account profile and the related data of the game including your nickname and all other information associated with the respective email account will no longer be valid that is they will be deleted permanently.


A profile deletion request is IRREVERSIBLE that is it cant be made t the same way it is as before and the attempt to cancel the process after hitting SUBMIT button is impossible.

According to the updates released by the Niantic’s website you can no longer use the same email address to replay the Pokemon Go application anytime in future. The other important news is that the deletion requests currently takes a duration of several weeks to review and process. So guys be patient and wait for at least a few days to completely get rid of this Pokemon Go application from your device.

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Delete My Pokemon Go account

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