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What is the Difference Between VPS and VDS Hosting?

Choosing a Server

The time has come when you have finally pulled your finger out and begun to get your website together, so it’s time to choose a host server. You have heard all of the horror stories relating to shared servers, so you have already decided that you will not be going anywhere near them. This leaves you with VPS or VDS, although direct dedicated server services are available.

We took a top line look at both VPS and VDS to help you decide which will best meet your hosting needs.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a shared server, but with a difference so that you do not have the cost outlay associated with a dedicated server but get a much better service than you would with a shared one. Basically, it is a shared server but with the capability to adapt performance based on the needs of your site. This means that if your site is getting a lot of traffic, you will not see a dip in performance as the server’s resources have been directed towards you. Similarly, at times when your site is quiet the server capability will be given to others.

Some VPS servers do allow the user a degree of flexibility to use software applications in a manner that a dedicated server would, however it is worth checking this before signing up to one. VPS services, although more reliable than shared servers, can still experience issues if another server or site on a particular server has a problem and needs to be taken down for a period of time.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

Probably the biggest obstacle to you getting a dedicated server will be the cost involved. However, if you need almost guaranteed uptime for your site then it will be money more than well spent. At the same time, anyone considering a VDS should not confuse it with a dedicated server complete with its own hardware, although in fairness you would probably see little difference in terms of service and performance is you were to go down this route.

The main attraction with VDS is that you are not at the mercy of another user having a problem on their site. If you are prepared to give the extra outlay for a VDS you are in effect insuring yourself against this happening.

What to Choose?

If you are a small business or hosting a simple website or blog, then a VPS will probably take care of all of your needs without any problems. Keep in mind that should you expand or your web traffic grow that you may well be better off moving to a VDS or even dedicated server outright to enjoy the maximum performance benefits from your site.

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What is the Difference Between VPS and VDS Hosting?

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