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Download Link2SD App for Android Latest

Guys you are going to download a link2SD app for your android device then this will prove a good deal for you. Through the link2SD app, you can move your android app or game into SD card.

You can say link2SD another file manager for your android device

Link2SD can manage your phone storage easily and this android app is a trusted developer so this app is fully safe and secure for your android device. So guys sit back with your cool mind and enjoy the best featured and fully secure android application.

Guys now a day we all are facing the problem of space issues majorly in an android device that’s why we can’t enjoy the big data android apps and games. During installing any app or game in our android device or Smartphone we have an error or warning in our device which comes as system space running out. In this situation, the link2SD android app is a perfect fix for this type low warning or error issue.

We face the same problem when we are running many android applications together and during this watching movies, music and videos. In this situation, our RAM is full or has very low spacing.

The ultimate solution for this above problem is lin2SD android app.

This app can move your mobile data including apps, games and videos from internal memory to SD card or external memory.

Here I am going to detail the whole features of the link2SD android app.

Link2SD apk info:

App name: Link2SD android app
App size: 2.55  MB
Developer: Bulent akpinar
Latest version: 4.0.13
Minimum required: Android 2.0 and later
Total downloads: 10 million
Rating: 4.3/5


What you need:

  1. Root permission required:
  2. Second partition on SD card:

For using this file managing app you should have two primary partitions on your SD card. And both partitions should be a primary partition.

For an order to link your app’s private data files you should have to use a non-fat (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) file system on your second partition of SD card. The link2SD app does not create the partition, you need to create it yourself.

Link2SD have some ads and some additional features, to remove the ads and get the additional features you can download the upgrade version app of link2SD.

What’s new in a latest link2SD android app?

The latest version of link2sd app is 4.0.13 and this version has some minor fixes like-

-fixed the crash on android nougat(7.0)

-some another minor fix

The feature of latest link2SD android application:

“Complete app management, move to SD card, clear cache, and remove bloatware and more”

Link2SD is an android application which works as an application manager. The app makes it easy to move apps or game and videos to SD card or external memory. Link2SD latest can easily handle your Android device apps and storage. here  I will tell all about the features of this amazing app. Link or move app and library files of your android device from internal memory to SD card

  1. App can link all internal data of apps to SD card (only in upgrade link2SD plus)
  2. App can also link or move external data or OBB folder to SD card (only in upgrade link2SD plus)
  3. Link dex files of system to SD card  and  clear cache file service
  4. This app can move that folder which is not supporting move.
  5. Batch clear data and cache of any app
  6. Clear cache widget
  7. This app can also work as reboot manager like features including power off, normal reboot, hot reboot, reboot recovery and also reboot download mode
  8. Reboot widget to boot in one click
  9. In this app you can search any application by its name
  10. All details about app like cache size, app size and link status
  11. Provides tons of variety of options to sorting and filtering all apps in your android device
  12. Display space detail for both internal and external memory including second primary partition size or space of SD card
  13. Through this app, you can share easily playstore application with full app’s package
  14. You can create shortcut for all apps like windows
  15. This app support 50+ languages

How link2SD android app works:

As you know very first your Android device should be rooted.

Link2SD needs a partition of SD card to use it as the segment of internal storage.

Link2SD app can move app files, .dex file, .lib files and other internal data files into a partition of SD card and also create a symbolic link or app shortcut in the original app location in internal memory.

Final words:

So this is all about the best file managing app link2SD. Download the app to get rid all problems about file managing and data storage. If you like the article give it thumbs up and do share with your friends and make it viral.

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Download Link2SD App for Android Latest

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