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What Email Application Should I Choose?

Email client applications are becoming more diverse and advanced. We have a wide variety of options available when it comes to choosing an email client application and our preferences may differ according to our requirements and the features provided by each email client.

Whether we’re running a small business or a huge organization, we manage to find one email client application that can fulfill most of our requirements. However, it is not easy to settle on an email application if you are not too certain about how you can benefit from it. Let’s take a look and compare some popular email client applications to help you make a decision.

Mozilla Thunderbird


  • Allows you to easily manage your mails through smart folders, filters, tags, and fast search
  • Programmed with Bayesian filtering that lets you get rid of junk emails easily and detect scams


  • Does not let you see related posts, messages, documents, and sites
  • Average RSS feed reader

Mozilla Thunderbird comes integrated with an instant messaging client, so you can easily exchange messages on Google Chat, Facebook Chat, Twitter, XMPP, and IRC. It also comes with a number of extensions that allow you to expand the program’s feature set.

See official Thunderbird website.



  • Works fast and does not take up too much storage space
  • Its reliable smart labels and spam filters pre-sort your mails
  • Your incoming mails are automatically delivered at relevant places
  • Its fast and easy search lets you organize your mails quickly


  • Limited options for advanced automation and message templates
  • Does not support encryption and secure message signing

The Opera email client can be highly beneficial for those who are technically savvy. However, beginners may be unable to experience all its useful capabilities as it can be confusing to use. Its “quick reply” feature is useful for quickly sending replies without the need for a separate compose window.

Official Opera website

Microsoft Office Outlook


  • Effectively blocks phishing attempts and filters spam
  • Allows easy mail organizing through flexible search, mail grouping, and virtual folders
  • Lets you integrate to-do lists, email messages, and scheduling
  • Allows social networking updates


  • Its multiple options can make it difficult to set up or use
  • Does not allow smart folder creation
  • Limited features of RSS feed reader
  • Limited options for message templates

Microsoft Office Outlook may be a bit confusing for beginners, but provides reliability. It uses virtual folders and fast message searching that helps you organize your mails quickly and easily. If you have na exchange server then Outlook is the best Email application to use by far. Configuration isnt as hard as it used to be, but you will still need some external assiatnce to configure all of the accounts correctly. There are plenty of third party support comanies that can help you, Our IT Department sorted our email system out.

See Offiicial Outlook website



  • This email client is secure and powerful when it comes to managing RSS feeds and email accounts
  • Provides a wide range of options for message templates and even works with stationery
  • Allows you to easily flag messages and find contact-specific messages


  • There has been a few problems with language encodings except for Chinese and US-English
  • Does not filter spams effectively
  • Does not give support for IMAP accounts
  • Does not allow you to set up virtual folders for assigning free-form labels to messages and organizing mail

The wide variety of message templates is among the main benefits of DreamMail email client. It lacks reliability and effectiveness in spam filtering, as it only provides black and white lists. DreamMail does not allow you to use block remote images and rich messages, as it displays all messages only in plain text.

Officail Dreammail website.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Includes a multitude of multimedia content and stationery
  • Its fast search lets you organize your mail folders easily and efficiently


  • Does not include useful text snippets or templates for efficient replies
  • Does not have learning filters or folders
  • The free version is ad-supported, so you will see ads in your outgoing mails

Many users opt for Incredimail because it is fun to use. You can choose from a huge collection of animations, stationery, sounds, and emoticons to include in your emails. Incredimail’s lack of out-of-office reply option is one of its main setbacks.

Offical incredimail website

Web-based Email Client Vs Email Client Application

Web-based email clients like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook are in a tough competition with email client applications. With the development of cloud computing, more and more people have started opting for web-based email clients. Webmail normally offers a clean and simple user interface that can be easily mastered by novice users. It allows you to easily access your mails on-the-go, making it highly beneficial for those with a hectic schedule.

The popular web-based email clients we use today provide integrated instant messaging. They also come with a high amount of online storage space, making it convenient for many users. Although their spam filters may not be as precise as desired, they also provide effective and thorough malware protection. Additionally, you can easily integrate your Webmail account with your social network accounts. The main setback of many web-based email clients is that they do not provide IMAP access.

While many people would consider that web-based email services can easily replace local email applications, there are many users who still prefer using the latter. Since a PC email client runs on your local computer, it works much faster than Webmail. On the other hand, Webmail gives you the freedom to access your emails no matter where you go. It is ideal that you use both email clients. This will give you both the benefits of accessing emails on-the-go and having them stored in your local computer.

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What Email Application Should I Choose?

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