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Genieo: The Mac-Friendly Intelligent Browsing Program

Mac is considered to be one of the leading operating systems in the world.  Mac users tend to be informed and educated technology consumers and are looking for superior functionality, detail and proficiency.  Genieo is a browsing program that allows Mac users to completely customize their web browsing and searches.  This program has a variety of unique features and web browsing benefits included in a single, well-organized page.  Users can download this app for free and use it to quickly access their favorite news sites, social media sites, sports sites, shopping sites and much more.  The sophisticated homepage streamlines your web browsing by providing with only the information you want to see.  This program uses proprietary and advanced algorithms that learn your browsing habits and then provide you with information you want to see.  This software program is completely compatible with Mac and it is at the cutting-edge of web browsing technology.

Special Features of Genieo

Genieo-mac-friendly-Intelligent-Browsing-ProgramTraditional web browsers and RSS feeds rely on information from sites that you regularly visit or have registered with.  This type of browsing is not automatic and you must manually update your favourite sports stats, news feeds and bookmarked sites which can be tedious and time consuming.  When you use a typical web browser you must manually update your RSS feeds when your preferences changes.  Fortunately, Genieo can do this long and monotonous task on your behalf.  Essentially, this software program is intelligent in nature so it knows when your preferences change based on your browsing behavior.

This software program automatically studies your browsing type and assembles that information into an easy-to-read start page.  With this program, Mac users will not have to open multiple windows, tabs or websites.  Genieo can be used on a variety of browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.  The Mac operating system is the industry leader and Genieo adds to its functionality with sophisticated web browsing.  Once this software program is downloaded, it will immediately begin to collect necessary information to improve your web browsing.  There are a variety of features and capabilities of this software program including the Click and Share function.  This function allows you to share information from your start page to your favorite social media site with a single click.  You can also use the start page to make a picture collage of your day, receive birthday reminders and to automatically manage your bookmarked sites.

The Benefits of Using Genieo with Mac

Once Genieo is downloaded on your Mac, you will enjoy and entirely new way to browse the web.  With this program, you do not have to search for updates, stories, sports information, movie show times, recipes, financial updates, new headlines or podcasts that interest you.  This program was designed to emulate artificial intelligence technology so it can understand and predict your preferences and future preferences.  This program is highly complex and it provides a ground-breaking way for Mac users to search the web.  You will spend more time looking at the information that interests you while cutting down on the time it takes to search for that information.

The start page is filled with information that is focused on your interests with a high level of accuracy.  This software program can be utilized by a variety of different types of people.  Business travelers can use this program to instantly access important information and companies can use it to cut down on the amount of browsing time.  Casual users can even benefit from this program as it reduces the time they need to spend searching the web for important information.  It is very easy to start using Genieo – the installation and download process can be completed in a few short minutes.  When this program is installed, it will immediately begin learning about your browsing patterns.  Other programs may put your Mac at risk for security or privacy breaches but Genieo is 100% safe.  This program only operates on your system and does not rely on 3rd party software programs or servers so it is impossible for the information it gathers to be shared on the internet.

As a Mac user, you want to get as much as you can from your software programs and computer hardware.  Genieo can help improve your system as well as your browsing experience.  This program greatly decreases the time you have to spend searching the web and it allows you to quickly share information with friends and family.  On the startpage, you will have instant access to the day’s top headlines as well as updates from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  When a new preference or page that may interest you is found by Genieo, you will receive an alert on the start page – you will only see the information you want to see.  The improved proficiency and functionality that Genieo provides is just what Mac users have been searching for.

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Genieo: The Mac-Friendly Intelligent Browsing Program

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