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Getting Photo Editing Software For Mac: The Three Main Options

When looking for photo editing software for Mac, you have three main options open to you, in terms of how you can eventually get the software. We will be taking each of these options, examining what it entails, and biting deeper – to understand what the pros and cons to each are. By the end of it all, you should have enough information to make a prudent decision when looking to lay your hands on a photo editor for Mac. Without further ado, the three main options open to you as a person keen on getting photo editing software for Mac are:


  1. Procuring a proprietary program in a brick and mortar store: this approach entails visiting one of the few brick and mortar software stores that are still in existence, and asking to be sold a Mac photo editor. This is a very simple way to go about this affair. On the upside, if you opt to procure the Photo editor for Mac in this way, you will have the chance to haggle over the price (that is, if you are in a store that allows haggling). You will also have some human contact – which is something many of us like in shopping. The vendor may also advise you on how to use the software – perhaps even give you a demonstration on the store’s computer. On the downside, this is an inconvenient way to procure software (compared to buying the software online). This can also be a costly way to acquire the software: as brick and mortar software stores tend to sell the applications at higher prices than online software stores.
  2. Downloading a proprietary program online: the companies that make Mac photo editing programs tend to have websites where they sell the programs. The way the whole thing works is such that you pay for the application, and then you are allowed to download the program’s executable files, which you can then go ahead to conveniently (and directly) install on your computer. On the upside, this is a convenient way to get the Mac photo editing software. It can also be cheaper than getting the software in a brick and mortar store. On the downside, there is no human contact here (and that fact can be a killjoy if you are a person who likes human contact in shopping). Furthermore, compared to the third options that we will be looking at shortly, this second option involves the expenditure of money.
  3. Downloading an open source application online: there are hordes of websites from where open source (and hence free) software can be downloaded. You can visit one such site, and browse through it to see whether there is a Mac photo editing application that you can use. In this case, you get to download the software without paying anything, and that is the upside. On the downside, if you take this option, chances are that the open source software you acquire won’t be having as good technical support as proprietary software. You have to remember that proprietary software is typically supported by people who are employed purposely (and full time) to offer such support. On the other hand, open source software — as would be expected — is typically only supported through web-based forums, by communities of volunteers.


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Getting Photo Editing Software For Mac: The Three Main Options

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