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The Gift Of Gaming: Games And Accessories For The Coming Yuletide

If you’re thinking of surprising a gamer with some lovely new Christmas titles, it’s important to find out what games are well-reviewed and in demand this season.

From the new Grand Theft Auto installment to Pikmin 3, there are several new releases out there that are sure to have any gamer drooling. What’s more, there are also a number of nifty accessories on the market right now that allow for a more immerse and physically comfortable gaming experience. So read on to find out about some of the games and accessories that would make a gamer’s Christmas wishlist!

1.     Grand Theft Auto V

 Released in Australia during September of this year, Grand Theft Auto V is a must-have gaming title for any console gamer. Set in the expansive cities, meadows, deserts and seas of Los Santos, the game carries the sprawling sand-box standards and lofty reputation of its predecessors well.

New to the game is the ability for gamers to cut between three main protagonists at anytime in the game, as they go around completing missions in the incredibly detailed Los Santos environment. There are literally hundreds of side missions for gamers to play, and downloadable content further enhancing the game is expected to be released in due time.

2.     Metro: Last Light

 Metro: Last Light, the sequel to Metro: 2033 almost didn’t happen due to the shutdown of company THQ. However, its Ukrainian developers pushed ahead and what has emerged is an intense FPS set, as with Metro: 2033, in the chaotic ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow.

The AI is improved, the graphics amazing and the atmosphere chilling. Gamers are going to enjoy this one for Christmas, for sure.

3.     Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

 When this game was first released in 2010, many were critical of its lagging effects on game systems, its various bugs and its overly complicated user interface.

The game has been rejigged in 2013 and makes its triumphant return, restructured from start to finish by acclaimed studio Square Enix. Gamers can jump on the Chocobo hot seat and attempt the impressive yet challenging main quest of the game, or play various side missions including online public quests. For those trying to work the game out, there is also an extensive array of customer support available this time around!

4.     Gone Home

A world away from the shooting action and fantasy-realm adventures of the games above, Gone Home is a puzzling first-person mystery game. With impressive graphics and an easy-to-understand user interface, gamers will find this both different and rewarding.

Set in a typical, American family home in the mid 1990’s, players must interpret clues and gather evidence to uncover dark secrets behind a seemingly normal, Middle-American family. Gamers will love the spookiness of this one…


5. Lorrell Executive High-back Chair with Mesh Fabric

 For computer gamers who spend long periods at their desks, backache and posture problems can become a real issue over time. The Executive High-back chair from Lorrell takes care of a lot of this by incorporating advanced mesh webbing into the back of the chair for greater support that adjusts to your body position. It’s a must have for gamers who spent hours on the grind at home.

6. Astro Gaming Wired A40 Audio System- 2013 Astro Edition – Black with Mixed Amp Pro

This behemoth of sound system is a little pricey, but certainly makes up for that by the fact that it has the capacity to pump out tremendous sound with remarkable clarity and subtlety. Connecting with wires to your computers, these headphones are designed for the serious gamer and give you a surround-sound experience that’s both safe yet fully immersive.

7. Razer DeathAdder 2013 Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder is a favourite of many gamers out there, not least for its stunning accuracy and extremely comfortable feel when held. The slick design of the mouse is such that you won’t even notice it in your hand, yet its design optimises your reflexes to the point where an instant head-shot looks easy! This quick and responsive mouse is worth its weight in gold to gamers, particularly FPS players.

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The Gift Of Gaming: Games And Accessories For The Coming Yuletide

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