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What does Green Web Hosting Mean?

We all know about companies jumping on the band wagon to produce environmentally friendly products. After all, it’s good for the environment and good for business. Consequently, it was just a matter of time before Web Hosting services joined in and become environmentally responsible for our planet. As a web host company could be anything from a one server company to a huge data center housing thousands of servers, it’s easy to see how tremendous their impact on the environment could very well be.

There are many practices that can be implemented to reduce your carbon footprint.  Some are easily implemented right away such as turning down your air conditioning at the office or making sure lights are turned off at the end of the day.  Listed below are other solutions that will take more time and expense but will help you to become ‘certified green’.

Carbon Offsets/Renewal Energy Credits.

 For larger corporations that use greater amounts of energy, these carbon offsets are mandatory.  For smaller companies, it is voluntary to purchase carbon offsets or renewable energy credits.  These offsets or credits are purchased to offset a company’s greenhouse gas emissions that may come from an electric power company. These funds are then put to use in developing green power sources like wind farms or solar energy in the community.

Server Purchases

High end state of the art servers that use less power because of their energy efficient processors are critical to going ‘green’.  Because of their high efficiency, less fans are required to cool them which also results in less energy being used.  Another option when using fans is to purchase industrial fans instead of numerous smaller fans.



 When searching for office space, look for a facility that has as much natural lighting as possible.  Encourage employees to reduce their consumption of unnecessary lighting in their workspace.  Tax credits are available in some locales if you purchase or lease a building that has a ‘living roof’.  A living roof is a building that is fully or partially covered with vegetation.  It also makes a great spot for after work or luncheon events for your employees.  The vegetation helps to insulate the building thereby reducing energy consumption and it helps to reduce the urban air temperature.


Energy Consumption

 If you are committed to switching your energy sources, use eco-friendly sources such as wind, solar or landfill gas.  Start with a small percentage and work up from there until you achieve 100%.  Allowing employees to telecommute saves on gas consumption and less energy is consumed at the office.



 Implement a paperless office and recycle all documents that are not necessary.  Ensure your  computers, faxes, monitors and printers are recycled properly with a local waste company.  By providing your staff with kitchen supplies such as coffee cups and dishes and offering free coffee, this will discourage paper based coffee cups and food containers being brought into the office.  Installing recycle bins in the kitchen for plastic, glass and kitchen waste will also lead to a greener work environment.  If access to your floors is by elevator, encourage the use of stairs.  Not only will this save energy but it will save your employees health.


With all costs being equal, becoming a ‘Certified Green’ web hosting company could make a difference between a customer choosing you or another company to host their website. When you do acquire customers, be sure to offer web banners or logos for their website indicating that they are being hosted by an ‘Environmentally Friendly’ company. It is good business for them as well!


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What does Green Web Hosting Mean?

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