The first thing that you need for change ip address is VPN

With HMA VPN you can change your ip address in 30 sec,
is the most popular ip changer software.
you can change ip location and hide your ip address easily.
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This is the best way to ensure that all personal information would be kept properly. Through the help of modern technology, everybody now has the chance to get connected with the world without worrying on the danger that may arise while they are surfing. There are lots of social media sites that they can choose from but it is advisable to be careful because not all of them provide secure and safe search.
If you are fond of using social media, you probably know what IP address means. This is a numerical level that is primarily assigned to different devices such as printer and computer participating in a certain computer network which uses Internet Protocol for the communication. Change IP address is considered to be an easy task most especially when you what the basics are.
There are many ways to change IP address but it is needed to become knowledgeable first when it comes to some of the network basis. The first thing that you should know is the difference between dynamic IP address and static IP address. Be aware that it is up to the ISP or Internet Services Provider to give and assign network address that can be seen by Internet. If you want to use or designate static IP address, there is a need to know how the ranges of IP address are properly handled and be sure to familiarize what netmask is. This would allow you to hide IP address for a safe and reliable search.
Every internet user aims to surf anonymously due to the fact that there is always a tendency that some people may invade their privacy by means of tracking all the searches that you have done. To avoid this, they should know how to change IP address for them to have peace of mind while using social media.
Social media is one of the effective ways for people to what the world around them is and stay connected and updated on what the latest is. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Omegle, and Chatroulette are some of the few social media and chatting portals that are mainly used by different people in the society. On the other hand, some users do not know the danger that it may bring to them such as invasion of privacy.

Why to change IP address?
the reasons peopel whould change their IP is :

– They have been banned from something and the ban is based on the IP
– They are being attacked and if you change the IP the attacker wont be able to do it anymore.
– They are trying to get round something. IE: register more than one account on a website etc.. Fool the remote server in to thinking its a different user.
– They want to save their indinity

how dows hide my ass work ?
We use VPN technology to anonymously encrypt your internet connection and hide your true online identity. Simply install our software, select a virtual location to hide behind and click the connect button; it’s as easy as this.

Why choose HMA ?
622 servers in 75 countries
Hide behind 77’500+ IP addresses
New IP every time you connect
PPTP / OpenVPN protocols
Unlimited bandwidth usage

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