I haven’t made a video in a while. Here’s how to dual boot Windows 8 and CentOS 7.


Download CentOS-7.0-livecd.iso from:

Universal USB Installer:

Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3

Use Universal USB Installer to install CentOS 7.0 onto a USB Flash Drive.

Right click on This PC and click Manage. Create a partition by shrinking the main drive’s volume. Use the partition for a new drive. Restart.

Use F12 to go into Boot Options. Select USB Storage Device and proceed. Under manual partitioning, click on the minus to free the partition you just created.

Now click on the + and add the following partitions:

/home – 9000 MB
/swap – 2000 MB
/ – everything else (For me, 143.6 GB)

For each of these partitions, make sure they are of type Standard and have file format: ext4

Now, install CentOS 7, and reboot into CentOS. Once booted, open up a terminal. Type:

sudo vim /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
sudo gedit /boot/grub2/grub.cfg (gedit is more like notepad if you’re unfamiliar with vim)

Vim is a text editor. You can also use gedit, vim commands:
i is to insert text
esc is to exit insert mode
:q is to quit vim
😡 is to quit and save vim

Add the following to grub.cfg to create a menu entry for Windows 8:

menuentry “Windows 8” {
set root='(hd0, 2)’
chainloader +1

Click on the drive from the file explorer to find out what sda number the storage of Windows is on. For me, since Windows 8 was on sda3, I knew that the boot drive for Windows was on 2 (the number above). Reboot and you have a Windows 8 entry.

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