Welcome to a complete 7-part video tutorial series on how to use Linux Mint, a powerful, familiar and free operating system! Part 1 in this series focuses on getting you familiar with the primary desktop environment for Linux Mint, called Cinnamon.

Videos in this series include:
Part 1: The Desktop
Part 2: How to use the File Manager (Nemo)
Part 3: The System Settings / Control Manager
Part 4: The Software Manager (Installing & Removing Software)
Part 5: The Update Manager
Part 6: Desktop Customization
Part 7: The Terminal

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desk set by Mattmump

Logitech M505 mouse by Lars-Kristian

PC Keyboard by adammisiek

LCD_MONITOR by bheema

Produced by DUBORD STUDIOS (http://dubordstudios.com)

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