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IPHONE Apps to find out nearby ATM centers

What happens when you suddenly run out of cash and you find yourself in a area you don’t know well? Of course the first thing that you do is to reach out for your cash card. But what if you do not know where the local ATM points are? There is no need to be tensed as long as you have an iPhone. There are free apps that can help you locate the nearest ATMs.

1.       ATM Hunter

This is an app commissioned by MasterCard which can help you locate MasterCard ATMs in any location in the world. This app makes it easy for you to locate the closest ATM acceptance points around you. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS to figure out your position wherever you are on the planet.

Strong Points

  • Locates ATMs using a variety of criteria. It can automatically locate ATMs using the phone’s GPS, or based on your input data.
  • Tells you about the ATM points around you. Tells you whether an ATM is a bank ATM or an ATM in a local store. It gives you the exact location of the ATM i.e., store or gas station.
  • Locates your own bank’s ATMs in case you want those specific ones. This can be useful if you want your bank specific services.
  • Enables you to filter your searches based on a number of features such as wheelchair access, 24 – hr service, surcharge fees and deposit sharing.
  • It is free of charge. There is no charge for downloading or upgrading the app.
  • Provides you with a map and detailed directions to the ATM, i’e., is nearest to where you are.


The main criticism of ATM Hunter is that it is only locates MasterCard ATMs. But this limitation is rather redundant simply because most ATMs accept all the popular types of cards. The main reason why other card service providers have not released their own apps is because ATM Hunter just does it for them.

2.       Allpoint Global Surcharge-Free ATM Network

Allpoint is a network of surcharge-free ATMs across the US, UK, Australia and Mexico. There are over 55,000 ATMs that charge the same rate. Unlike conventional ATMs that have different charges (e.g. charging you more your ATM card was issued by a bank that is different from the one that owns the ATM point), Allpoint ATMs have the same rate. The Allpoint Global Surcharge – Free ATM Network is an app that enables users to locate the Allpoint surcharge – free ATMs.

Strong Points

  • Gives access to over 55,000 ATMs across the US, UK, Australia and Mexico.
  • Enables you to find locations by GPs or through addresses
  • You can scroll through a list of the closest locations
  • It gives you detailed directions including a map with.


  • It is limited in scope. It only functions in four countries, which makes it useless in all the other countries in the world.
  • Therefore, if you are considering getting an iPhone app to find nearby ATMs, you can choose from either of the two above. One advantage that they both have is good tech support. You can locate the tech support numbers for each of the apps, to find out more about them.

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IPHONE Apps to find out nearby ATM centers

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