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Kali Linux USB | How to make Live

Kali Linux USB Live

Kali Linux Bootable USB

Kali Linux USB drive is exceptionally utilized completely for Penetration testing of an association by Pen analyzer. With the assistance of this drive, you can boot the PC from Kali Linux without installing it. Do you believe it’s stunning? Maybe however valid. Here one more critical thing you can make your own, yes you can! I will depict finish prepare well ordered.

USB memory gadgets, as often as possibly implied by thumb drives and various different names, are just a USB drive that is joined by a USB interface to the PC. For the making, Kali Linux USB Drive needs no less than 8gb of space, in a perfect world significantly more. New PC can boot to Kali Linux USB. If this alternative is picked ensure that the PC being used can help booting from a USB device.

Concerning thumb drives being used as bootable devices, there are two key terms that are to a great degree key: industriousness and non-persistent. Inventiveness suggests the ability of your contraption to hold any formed or changed records after the machine is controlled off.

“Nonpersistence suggests the drive losing all setting, customizations, and records if the machine reboots or is closed down”.

The thumb drive of Kali Linux from a Windows Platform will be non-persistent, and the installation from a Linux stage will be persevering.

Windows (Nonpersistent)

Necessity for thumb drive installation of Kali Linux USB.
1: Win32 Disk Imager download from Below

Download software

2: Required space of Kali Linux USB is no less than 8 GB.
3: Download most recent Kali Linux ISO file. Kali linux OS free download from below links.

Below are the links from official Kali linux OS free Download Site.


Kali 64 bit ISO file

Size 2.6G

Version 2017.1

sha256sum 49b1c5769b909220060dc4c0e11ae09d97a270a80d259e05773101df62e11e9d

Download software
Kali linux Download


Kali 32 bit ISO file

Size 2.7G

Version 2017.1

sha256sum 501b3747e5ac7c698217392fe49ec21dacee277404500fc49d4a0ee82625aabe

Download software
Kali linux Download


Kali 64 bit Light ISO file

Size 0.8G

Version 2017.1

sha256sum 5c0f6300bf9842b724df92cb20e4637f4561ffc03029cdcb21af3902442ae9b0

Download software
Kali linux Download


Kali 32 bit Light ISO file

Size 0.8G

Version 2017.1

sha256sum 6c83101ecf8702c7d93d32562e822b639d5c577314b448e3b8330995e0f07e0f

Download software
Kali linux Download


Put a USB drive in the usb port and allow it to subsequently be found by Windows, watching the drive letter allocated.

Take after the given guidelines:

Step 1: Install Win32 Disk Imager.

Step 2: Open Win32 Disk Imager.

Step 3: Click on the folder image and choose the location for Linux ISO file.

Step 4: Choose the correct letter of USB Drive,

After some time iso written into USB Disk and show complete successfully.

the correct drive letter from the contraption drop-down menu. Finally, tap the

“Make” get.

Right when Win32 Disk Imager has wrapped up the ISO, reboot the machine besides select the thumb drive from the BIOS POST menu. For the most part, makers have different techniques for booting to USB devices; try to check the workstation maker’s documentation.


2nd Method Kali Linux Bootable USB


If you are using Ubuntu or any Linux Debian OS.

If file name is kali-linux-1.0.8-i386.iso and location is your home folder than.

Open Terminal (Shorkey ctrl + alt + t)

Write the command

sudo dd if=~/kali-linux-1.0.8-i386.iso of=/dev/sdf

Note:-  /dev/sdf is the location of your usb (To check usb location type in terminal “sudo fsdisk -l” it will show all the drives and copy your usb location and paste it to above command)

After some time Kali Linux ISO file write on your usb and your Kali linux USB is ready for use.

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Kali Linux USB | How to make Live

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