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Best Linux Academy | How to Find, Reviews & List

Linux Academy is a premier online Linux and cloud training platform, and it is also a community. Today,many sites have launched that are giving Linux Academy a tough competition. Some of them are: The Linux Foundation,, 3D Educators, Computer Collegiate, APTECH, and Coursera. Many Linux academies have opened for students today, and it has made it difficult for students to find out the best Linux Academy.

Details about the following sites will help students in finding out the best Linux Academy site:

  1. Linux Academy: Linux Academy provide top-notch and in-depth training to students at an affordable price. Linux Academy claims itself to be an industry leader in quality training and student certification passes. Their goal is to bring changes to lives of thousands of students by teaching them about Linux and cloud technology. Linux Academy is a fully featured training library, and it has everything that students need to learn novel skills and move forward in their careers. Linux Essentials Certification, Linux+ and Linux Professional Institute Level 1, and Learning Python 2.7 on a Linux System are names of some Linux courses that are offered by Linux Academy to students.

  2. The Linux Foundation: The Linux Foundation was formed in 2000. It is committed to build sustainable ecosystems around open source projects in order to accelerate technology advancement and commercial adoption.The Linux Foundation provides peerless support for open source communities through its resources. The site provides Linux Certification with an innovative approach to students. Linux Certification of The Linux Foundation is priceless.

  3. is another site that provide knowledge of Linux to students. However, it does not use videos to teach students lessons about Linux instead the site uses PDFs (Portable Document Formats) to teach Linux to students. Students will find authentic Books about Linux while visiting

  4. 3D Educators: 3D Educators give top priority to learning, and they believe that most successful organization of the 21st century will be a learning organization. 3D educators have well-trained staff, and it covers all aspects of business. It offers a comprehensive course about Linux to students. The course, Linux Networking on 3D Educators’ site is a practical course with real time labs, and it is designed and developed for individuals who want to become Linux professional.

  5. Computer Collegiate: Computer College is one of the eminent computer education institutes that cover educational needs of 20,000 students every year. Computer Collegiate has been prospering fast since 1991, and it offers short-term and long-term customized courses for small, medium, and large-sized organizations. Computer Collegiate is today offering a 4 months course about Linux that includes installation, network setup, and complete knowledge about Linux; the course is called Redhat Linux 5 (Enterprise).
  6. APTECH: The vision and mission of APTECH is to empower the country, Pakistan through technology. APTECH was started as education and training institute in 1986, and it has trained over 8 million students globally. APTECH has online presence in 40 plus emerging countries through its individual training and enterprise businesses. APTECH has over 1305 centers of learning around the world.Today, APTECH is offering a course, Working with Linux Operating System on Linux that has duration of 32 hours. The Linux course of APTECH covers: Understanding of the operating system architecture and low-level interfaces that are needed to build system-level, multi-threaded, and network applications on UNIX and Linux systems.

  7. Coursera:Coursera claims thatstudents will gain access to the best learning experience with the courses offered by Coursera. Courses on Coursera are taught by top educators who are either from world’s best universities or educational institutions. Courses on Coursera include video lectures, auto-graded assignments, and community discussion forms. Student completing a course on Coursera will receive sharable electronic certificate.Linux Server Management and Securityis one of the courses about Linux that Coursera offer to students who want to become Linux system administrators.

How to Find the Best Linux Academy?

There are many Linux Academy sites, hence it becomes difficult for students to choose a particular site for taking an online course about Linux. Students should look for following things if they want to find the best Linux Academy website:

  • The site delivers satisfactory lectures to students, and students feel comfortable while taking lectures

  • You should read reviews of students about online courses that they have taken. If you see positive reviews, then you can confidently take an online course

  • The course does not give birth to communication gap, and provide students with all the tools that they need to interact with the instructors

  • Students should also read course details first before taking the course if they do not want to get registered for the wrong cours

Do you know now how can you find the best Linux Academy site? Hopefully, you can now find out the best Linux Academy site online.

Author Bio:

Alice Brant is a technical writer who takes current and upcoming technologies seriously. He is an expert author now affiliated with assignment help service . Majority of his articles are about technology news. He works in a software house and create articles about technology.

Some Other info about Linux Academy.

Linux Academy offers Industrial, Minor and Major Trainings for Technical and Non-Technical understudies. Future is OPEN……. all you need is a correct SOURCE

Linux Academy List

Linux Academy

The world’s finest technology companies train at Linux Academy. Linux Academy is the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community. The Linux Academy was founded on the belief that providing high-quality, in-depth training should be available at an affordable price. We’re industry leaders in quality training, provided services, and student certification passes. Our goal is to change lives by teaching Linux and cloud technology to the tens of thousands of students that learn at the Linux Academy. Team

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Best Linux Academy | How to Find, Reviews & List

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