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Best Linux Academy | How to Find, Reviews & List

The Linux Training Academy was founded by Jason Cannon.  Jason is a Linux expert and best-selling author.  His books include Linux for Beginners, Command Line Kung Fu, and Python Programming for Beginners.

After spending over 15 years as a Linux System Engineer and technology consultant, he’s refocused on what he loves most: teaching others how to get the most out of open source software and helping them advance in their careers.

Here’s What the Linux Training Academy Is All About

  1. “How can I learn Linux system administration?”
  2. “What Linux distribution should I use?”
  3. “How can I best study for a certification?”
  4. “What is the best way to learn a new computer programming language?”
  5. “How can I land a great paying job as an Operations Engineer, Linux System Administrator, Application Developer, or Software Engineer?”

Here’s How the Linux Training Academy Helps You Get Ahead in Life and Work

We provide training and resources starting at the most basic and beginner levels.  We meet you where you’re at.  If you’re just starting out, know that we can help.  If you’re ready for advanced training, we can definitely assist you there as well.  If by some chance we don’t offer the training you need, we have several partners that do.

Best Linux Academy | How to Find, Reviews & List

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