This Tutorial explains Linux process control commands like ps, top, bf, fg, kill etc. All concepts are explained with elaborated examples.

Tutorial Topics:-

1. How to background a process (bg).
2. How to foreground a background process (fg).
3. How to view all the background process (jobs).
4. How to foreground and background specific process from a list(ps).
5. How to search a process details.
6. How to search a process with process id.
7. How to view all the process of a user.
8. How to View view custom parameters of a process.
9. How to view system utilization in terms memory, cpu etc (top).
10.How to view all the process with their details like cpu usage, memory usage etc
11.How to kill a process from from top.
12.How to sort process w.r.t memory utilization factor.
13.How to sort process w.r.t cpu utilization factor.
14.How to see the path of all the running process from top.
13 How to kill a process (kill).
14.How to gracefully kill a process.
15.How to forcefully kill a non-responding process.

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