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Linux Kickstart File Generator

The Linux kickstart file is a simple text file, containing a list of items, each identified by a keyword. You can create it by using the Kickstart Configurator application, or writing it from scratch. Linux RHEL / CentOS / Fedora installation program also creates a sample kickstart file based on the options that you selected during installation. It is written to the file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg.
To install  Linux Kickstart Configurator application,
# yum install system-config-kickstart -y
# system-config-kickstart
Image 1: In Basic Configurator, select Default Language, Keyboard type, Time Zone, Root Password and more options as below,


Image 2: Installation Method, Select Installation method and Installation Source.

Image 3: Boot Loader Options, Enter GRUB related information,


Image 4: Partition Information, Create required new partitions by clicking on Add button,


Image 5: Network Configuration, edit IP related information,


Image 6: Authentication, if you want to enable NIS, LDAP authentication, select appropriate option.


Image 7: Firewall Configuration, edit firewall and SELinux configuration,


Image 8: Display Configuration, edit Display configuration here,


Image 9: Package Selection, Select all packages you want to install,



Image 10: Pre-Installation Script, if you want to run some script before installation, enter here.

Image 11: Post-Installation Script, same as above but, if you want to run some script after Installation, paste here.



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Linux Kickstart File Generator

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