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3:03 See why Linux is worth learning followed by a basic familiarization with the graphic user interface.
17:46 Introduction to the free video series and how to get help with your Linux questions.
19:26 Installing RedHat or CentOS with minimal modifications to your current system beginning with downloading, installing and configuring VirtualBox on Windows 8.1.
31:47 Create a Red Hat virtual machine including where to download Red Hat Linux and how to install it in a virtualized environment.
49:53 Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
1:04:30 Completed installation process with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, rebooting, and doing post installation procedures.
1:22:10 Installing RedHat or CentOS with a dual boot approach on Windows 8 starting with how to dual boot Red Hat and windows 8.
1:40:52 Finished installation with dual boot and second steps to running the Linux operating system on a windows computer.
1:49:07 Linux Graphical User Interface (GUI).
2:02:44 Basic familiarization with Linux Graphical user interface. 1:59:12 Learning Linux file systems and the system monitor in the Linux graphical user interface. Looking at processes running and more.
2:12:48 Basic Linux commands for beginners. Learn the Linux command line. File system navigation. Commands “ls, cd, pwd.”
2:29:03 File system commands in more detail. Change directory command in with ~.
2:43:11 Finding files. Commands “find, locate, updatedb, man” starting with getting to know the manual.
3:02:58 Permissions for files and and folders. Get started with “chown, chmod.”
3:16:58 Changing file and folder ownership and permissions between users. More about commands “chown, chmod.”
3:25:45 Basic Linux tasks: Move, delete and copy files. Commands “mv, rm, cp.”
3:38:44 Linux commands “grep, pipe, echo, cat.”
3:57:39 Introduction to the default packet manager for Red Hat Linux Enterprise and for CentOS called yum packet manager.
4:17:28 Essential options used on a daily basis with the yum packet manager.
4:31:55 Rpm packet manager.
4:39:35 How to get more help and videos about Red Hat Linux Enterprise and CentOS. Thank you for watching!

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