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Linux Workstation / Desktop Systems – Used to Run Linux Software Programs

Linux Workstation / Desktop Systems – Used to Run Linux Software Programs – By the Millions

When you boot a Windows desktop system, the Windows operating system starts up and the Windows desktop automatically appears. At this point, you are in the Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) point and click desktop environment. To do tasks like run software programs and work inside of software programs, you just point and click.

When youre using a Windows desktop system, you always boot the Windows OS to the Windows desktop.

In other words, whenever you boot Windows a Windows desktop always appears.

Linux Desktop Systems and Non-Desktop (Server) Systems

When you are using a Linux server system, a desktop may or may not be installed. This is because

using a desktop on a Linux system (and also on a Windows system) requires additional memory inside of the system and also requires additional processing power to run. This is the overhead required to run the GUI point and click desktop environment on top of the operating system.

For example, on a Linux server system a desktop may not have been installed because it is not needed on some types of Linux servers.

On these Linux server systems, you just boot to a black screen and youre presented with a text-based login prompt – that simply says Login:.

At this Login: prompt, you type in a username and then a password to log in.

Running Linux Commands on a Linux Server System

After logging in to a Linux terminal (on a Linux system that doesnt have a desktop) you see the Linux command line prompt. At this point, you can start running Linux commands to do Linux system administration tasks, like copying files, creating users, and assigning permissions to areas of the system.

Some Linux servers are installed with a Linux desktop and some arent. It depends on what the server is being used for. If a desktop is not required for running a server, then it is not installed.

If a desktop is not installed on a Linux server, then the overhead (memory and processing time) of running the GUI desktop environment is not needed or used.

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Linux Workstation / Desktop Systems – Used to Run Linux Software Programs

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