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Tired of your mobile humming amidst the night? Irritating your partners by having your mobile impact out your ringtone at work? You require Llama app!

Llama is a Location Aware Mobile App.

Introduction llama app android:-

Lllama android app utilizes mobile poles to decide your area, with the goal that you can change your ringer, vibrate and ringtones relying upon where you are and in addition the season of day. Also work the llama android 7. Llama android app furnishes you with sound profiles so you can rapidly switch between tranquil, boisterous, quiet and ordinary sound settings. You can set your family, accomplice and kids to ring regardless of the possibility that your mobile is set to noiseless! You can make occasions and home screen alternate routes to deal with your sound profiles and the sky is the limit from there:

Llama android tips and tricks:-

– Silence your mobile at work Llama android app easily.

– Turn your Bluetooth on prepared to associate your headset for a morning run.

– Set your mobile calm when it’s late around evening time and you haven’t gone out.

– Start the music player when a headset is associated.

Soon llama app for iphone is available on site. We also write an article on llama app replacement and llama app alternative.


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Llama APK | Free Download

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