This Tutorial explains Linux top commands. All concepts are explained with elaborated examples.

Tutorial Topics:-

1. What is the use of top command in linux/Unix.
2. Understanding Time field in top command.
3. Understanding Task Field in top command
4. Understanding Cpu Field in top command.
5. Understanding Memory Field in top command.
6. Understanding Process Field in top command.
7. How to sort process by memory utilization
8. How to sort process by cpu utilization
9. How to sort process by custom (PID, NI etc) values.
10. List running process by absolute path.
11. Kill process from top.
12. Color output.
13. Renice process priority.
14. Utilization of multiple Cpus.
15. Change the refresh rate.
16. Reduce the number of listed process.
18. How to make output uncluttered (l,t,m).
19. View selected user process in top.
20. view specific process ids in top.
21. Batch Mode in Top for taking the output in a file.
22. View threads in a processes and analyse using top.

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