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How to install Nvidia CUDA? (for GPU rendering in Blender)

How to install Nvidia CUDA on linux

Solution :-

On Nvidia’s website they have a .deb package that you have to download and then installed on your system to enable the repository. To install CUDA from Nvidia’s website directly. Here’s the step to install  Nvidia CUDA working:

  1. Open Nvidia’s website
  2. Select the .deb file that corresponds to your Ubuntu version. (On Nvidia’s website, they didn’t have a package for Ubuntu 15.04 version, so I choose 14.10 instead. This did solve your problem.)
  3. Go to your downloaded .deb file, and double-click to install the package via Ubuntu Software Center.
  4. Open a terminal type
  5. sudo apt-get update
  6. sudo apt-get install cuda
  7. Wait for the packages to update and install, then restart your computer.

After the restart, Blender was able to use CUDA to initiate GPU rendering and baking.

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How to install Nvidia CUDA? (for GPU rendering in Blender)

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