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Setup and Connect to SSH Server | Using Digital Ocean

In this article I am going to show you how to set up and connect to a server somewhere else in the world. If you ever want to host the website and you want to buy a server online and connect with then you need to follow along. Because this is how you do it and I’m going to show you guys a technique called SSH and how to set up SSH keys. These are a lot better and a lot safer than using just a regular plaintext password. The passwords if you use that to log into your server they can be cracked I mean someone can guess them and hack into your server well with SSH and I’ll show you guys exactly how to set it up it’s pretty much impossible to crack.

ssh server

So a nice safe connection first thing we need however is a computer somewhere else in the world now there are a bunch of different websites my favorite is digital ocean they’re super cheap and I hate sounding like I’m a Salesman or something. If you know of another cheaper site then leave the comments below – boom roasted but sign up for this and once you create your account you’re going to be logged in to this page so this is like your main account page. I already have a server set up in digital ocean they just call their servers droplets. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to create a droplet right now and this means just create a server. So they’re going to create a server and we need to give a couple settings. The first one is what do you want it to be named now this isn’t the name of your website.

For the first one is what do you want it to be named now this isn’t the name of your website. For example if I was setting this up to host my website the new I don’t need to type the linuxinpakistan. Common here I can type whatever I want just so you can identify it if you have multiple droplets or server setup. I’m just going to name it like a the learn linux because why not I think it sounds pretty cool. Now you can select your size a bit I’m just going to set up a cheapo five-dollar one right now if you’re actually hosting a website then you would probably want to go with either 20 or 40 because on an actual server you’re going to be running 64-bit processes and they take up a little bit more memory. For this example you know I don’t want to splooge so I’m just going to test it out and now it’s saying where do you want us to set up your server. So they have a bunch of different locations all around the world I am just going to use New York because I live in New York and I’ll give me the fastest connection. Now since we can actually fly over and start installing your own software I mean that’s kind of the point whenever we scroll down here we’re going to see select image this just means what software do you want us to install on your server by default. A lot of time when I do it manually I like to just install plain old ubuntu with nothing else and I installed Linux Apache MySQL and PHP myself however like I said this tutorial we’re just learning the basics. So I’m going to click applications and click lamp on 14.04. This means whenever they set up my server it’s already going to come with Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP already installed on ubuntu 14.04 and you know it’s kind of the lazy way doing it oh whatever alright so scroll down here and since we didn’t even learn about SSH keys yet we won’t add any of those and hit create droplet. Now the cool thing about this is they usually only take like 60 seconds to create. So it’s going to create my entire web server install all that crap on it in like a minute. I don’t know how they do that actually but it’s freaking awesome alright so in about 60 seconds.

I just got this email literally right now zero minutes ago all right so this is the default login credentials that I need to connect to that server. So this is the IP address we only have one user on it right now they set up route default and this is their password and of course whenever we login we probably want to change that so go ahead and copy this IP address first let’s figure out how to connect with so right now like I said I’m just on my own computer send at home just had a bowl of ice cream and my servers over in New York City or you know wherever they’re set up in New York. So I’m going to write SSH and after this you type the name or the username you want to connect to so I want to log in as root it’s the only user we have right now and then write an @ sign so then if you hold down shift and paste you can paste in your IP address that have one in it they copy the whole thing yep that is it all right. So I want to connect to this computer as the user root now. I’m going to hit enter and the very first time we connect is going to say ummm you never connected this computer before do you trust it yes, I trust that it’s authentic and of course it’s going to ask you for roots password to make sure that you are authorized to log in so copy that paste it using shift insert and hit enter so it’s going to log in now. The way that digital ocean and most companies set it up is whenever you log in to root for the very first time they make you change your password and that’s just so if anyone ever hacks into your email they can’t see the default password in plain text then you have a new one security feature. So it first asks for the current password so paste the current password in again that they gave you and then we can choose our new password so it’s write whatever you want write it twice and boom you’re good to go so now. We are connected and check this out so if I just write like ummmm ls or write pwd ummm you know let me see the ls look at this so all of these files they’re not on my own computer this is actually the server in New York City that we’re connected to and if we ever close out and log back in again then we can log in using our new password pretty sweet. That’s the basics of how to set up a server and connect to it somewhere else in the world.

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Setup and Connect to SSH Server | Using Digital Ocean

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