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BlackBerry’s New Operating System

When the first smart phone was released most people couldn’t care less about the operating system as being able to make phone calls, browse the web, listen to music and plan your day all from one device was something of a revelation for mobile phone users. Since then the market has evolved along with the technology that powers the devices which we love so much. Some of the top brands on the market are BlackBerry, iPhone and the long list of other high end electronic manufacturers that have entered the market recently. Where a smart phone developer might have at one time been able to compete with custom firmware and hardware unique to the devices that they sell, the release of the Android operating system completely changed that trend.

Moving Towards The Future

BlackBerry phones have always been some of the most highly sought after smart phones around for their durability, ease of use and completely different approach to the smart phone. Whilst in the past the model of using only iOS on iPhones, BlackBerry OS on BlackBerry devices and so on and so forth was common, the market of today is flooded with third party firmware for mobile devices. Android is a good example of a third party operating system for a mobile phone which has seen great success on a number of platforms (you can even run it on top of iOS). BlackBerry’s sales have been sliding in recent years especially with the release of their flop of a tablet, the PlayBook which suffered from an inability to function independent of a Blackberry phone. However, with the release of the Z10, BlackBerry’s approach to the mobile phone industry is changing dramatically and you should start seeing BlackBerry Z10 OS featured on phones besides Blackberry devices as a third party OS.

How Does BlackBerry Z10 Measure Up?

The capabilities of BlackBerry Z10 are a testament to how far the company has come in terms of producing a smart phone that is able to be considered in the top class of devices. The multi tasking function of the operating system is revolutionary for a BlackBerry and borrows from most of the very successful smart phones on the market. Multi tasking is as easy as using a desktop computer. Moving apps to the background requires nothing but a swipe up on the screen which takes you directly to the hub and allows you to see your messages and navigate between apps. The camera is also much better than previous BlackBerry models and features the same sensor that is found in the Samsung Galaxy S3. The pictures and videos are extremely clear when coupled with the high definition screen and are a stark contrast from the Blackberry phones of old.

Storage Capacity

As with all smart phones the ability to store massive amounts of data and multimedia is highly desired. With 16 GB of internal memory the capacity of the Z10 rivals most of the top smart phones on the market today in terms of capacity. The Z10 also comes equipped with a very high definition screen and camera which allows for clear pictures and a pleasant viewing experience for videos and web browsing. With a 4.3 inch screen the 720p resolution is made even crisper, and coupled with the top of the line loud speaker and using headphones results in movie theater quality sound when watching videos and listening to music.

Browsing the Web on the Z10

When it comes to smart phones most people use them more for the texting and web browsing features than they do for calling. Whereas mobile phones used to be simply a calling device, people have begun to take advantage of the new technologies that are presented in the newest smart phones. As with everything on the Blackberry Z10, web browsing is by touch, making the optical track pad and tiny keyboard browsing a thing of the past.

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BlackBerry’s New Operating System

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