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How To Store The Files Securely Via The Web Hosting

Choosing a provider to store your files online depends on what files you want to store and Web site hosting needs or the purpose of this storage. As expected, the storage of files is an important part of web hosting. A website has many reasons to host files on the Internet such as streaming video, podcasting, hosting a set of images, among others. For this reason, it is necessary to securely store files via web-hosting is often a common need for site owners.
The first option, the site owner may consider is to use the web space that is reserved for each web hosting plan. This is the most simple and easy when it comes to saving files directly to your domain name and web server host. Of course, the disadvantage of this method is that if people hotlink directly to the files, the bandwidth is eaten up fairly quickly. In addition, most web hosts usually provide only the space allotment, which can be achieved if we use extensively.
Another option would be to host it on a remote Web site as Box.Net or any other remote site file storage. These sites let you upload files to your server and hotlink the files from there. This not only saves the bandwidth that is not host their own files, but also keeps a large number of files on the host site. This is a method to securely store files hosting. However, the fact that the files are hosted on a remote server also means that they can fall at any moment, and can also be removed at any time. It would be wise to keep a backup of your files either on your own server or computer case.
For image files that you can explore the use of other web sites hosting images to securely store your files. images online directories, such as Flickr, Imageshack and other image directories accommodations can be a good solution for hosting your photos remotely. However, the disadvantage is that high-resolution imagery that tends to affect the hat bandwidth of the host very quickly. Of course, it is always better than using your bandwidth. For directories of large images such as Flickr, with little downtime and can be a good alternative for storing your image files hosting.
However, as you can see, selecting a safe way to save files using the web hosting is really depends on the purpose of file storage and file type in question. If you have several options and choices, you can always take time to choose the perfect way to store the files securely via the web hosting.
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Improving Web Site Security :-

Hackers are devising new attacks and new ways to slip past security measures every day. One of their favorite kind targets is a Web site. Three quarters of all attacks on Web sites are designed to hamper the forms, log-in pages, shopping carts on online shops and other Web content. Since the design of Web applications make them accessible at anytime from anywhere, it is important that a Web site has protection that works well all the time. This not only protects important consumer details such as credit card numbers; it also protects the Web site itself.
Even the best firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and other protective measures will not enough to guard Web applications against every attack. It is infinitely more difficult for security professionals to figure out what new and innovative trick will be used to bypass security than it is for the hackers to find that trick
It can seem as if there is no solution to this problem. What is needed is a program that can check Web applications and further improve the security. That program is Acunetix WVS. It deals specifically with SQL Injection and other vulnerabilities like XSS. It helps to secure Web sites from harsh attacks, checks for scripting in cross-sites, and strengthens the authentication pages and passwords. It also audits shopping carts in an effort to prevent attacks. With the security audit reports peace of mind can finally be gained.
CRLF injection, directory traversal, code execution and file inclusion attacks are other ways to cripple a Web site’s security. Authentication as well as input validation attacks are also likely.
The Google Hacking Database (GHDB) can identify important data like the logon pages, network information and so on and so forth that might be vulnerable, making it an important tool to improving Web site security. With the Acunetix, the queries wedged in the Google Hacking Database will be launched long before something goes wrong.
Acunetix gives suggestions on how to correct any problems through its report generator that will create quick reports and data to zero in any vulnerabilities that might exist.
It is necessary to reconstruct HTTPs and analyze them for cross-site scripting and SQL injection to ensure better security. Also important is HTTP fuzzer to validate the input and test the overall performance of the Web site.
It’s vital that passwords be configured and protected. Input configuration should utilize HTML form fillers as a matter of course. This allows testing how certain occasions and different inputs influence how the site behaves.
Important things to consider:
1. Is the Web site ready and prepared for a dictionary attack?
2. Support from other technologies such as PHP, CGI and ASP.
3. Search directories for weak permissions
4. Detect errors in pages as early as possible
5. Re-auditing all changes in the Web site to check for new vulnerabilities
dotDefender 2.1 is one of the programs that can protect and secure. It takes care of spammer bots, attacks, probes, SQL injections, hijackings, pronounced tampering and even proxy takeovers.
It can be a daunting task to improving Web site security, but is absolutely critical to do so. By following a few simple steps and using programs tailored to assist in the task everything will work efficiently and effectively.
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How To Store The Files Securely Via The Web Hosting

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