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The Best Graphic Card For Gaming In Laptop 2018

If you are a gamer who like a lot of action and of course 4k flowing graphics display, you definitely need to have the best graphics card. Even if you have a high-end fast PC with the best storage and memory speed, you can still end up trash if you don’t have the required graphics card for a certain game.

A graphic card consists of a VRAM supported by a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). While VRAM serves as an efficient memory server ready to regulate the flow of graphics, the GPU handles the shaders, mapping features and binary calculations to produce the best results.

While you can have as much memory in your graphics card as you like but we usually recommend a minimum of 4GB for a better gaming experience. However, previous generations graphics cards aren’t easy to be found as they are no longer available for sale these days. If you are happy with your current graphics card status, then I don’t think change is that necessary.


Don’t ever go into the market looking for the best graphics card in terms of performance because it might not suit you. Neither look for the one which is the most expensive because price doesn’t assure quality. The best graphics card is a perfect balance between performance and price.


nvidia gtx 1070

If you could just exclude the ability to play 4k gaming, the rest comes all perfectly for NVIDIA GTX 1070. While it is a lot faster as well as efficient than its counterpart AMD Vega 56, it uses almost 40% lesser power at high load and 65% lesser power at idle or low load.

Another feature that makes it absolutely great is the NVIDIA Pascal Architecture that reduces the dissipation of power, decreases the GPU working size and effectively increases the base clock rates especially when you want overclocking.

Even though GTX 1070 lacks on the number of CUDA cores, overclocked clock speeds and Pascal architectural build makes it a better choice than many of the other graphics cards available in the market.


  • Excellent performance that can be accounted for the higher price and demand in market
  • Works exceptionally well in 1080p and 1440p graphics displays. If you want it to work for 4k graphics as well, we recommend an SLI configuration setup using two GTX 1070s.
  • Highly efficient NVIDIA Pascal architecture enables efficient cooling as well as power saving. It can come in quite handy if you want to play for longer durations while keeping it cool and economical.


  • The price may seem too expensive for some in comparison with other graphics cards.
  • Though it does support DirectX 12.0 but the performance lacks in some cases.

The end note is it all depends on what you want for yourself. If you require a graphics card with overclocking features and good display at 1440p, then GTX 1070 is highly recommended.
However, if you are looking for graphics card with efficient GPUs and suitable for crypto-currency mining or 4k graphics display, we suggest you to move to higher generations.

The Best Graphic Card For Gaming In Laptop 2018

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