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Top 10 Security Plugins that Protect the Sites

Hacking is one of the most common problems faced by many in the online world, its intensity is getting more and more each day. Prevention is always better than a repair when it comes to a damaged website. This is why it is important to make the right choices in a security system and its usage.

I casually started browsing for information about the plugin that provides safety against hacking and I was stunned to know that there are many of them doing rounds in the internet. I am sure that only some of them is reliable and authentic and thus, did some research. The result was this list of best security plugins that give ultimate protection to websites.

Security-Plugins-that-Protect-the-SitesFast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form is one of the best known forms of hacking protection system that provides the users with a guarantee to utmost protection against hacking. It also facilitates the easy adding of contacts, as well as setting up meeting requests. Some of the best features include: admin panel that is an easy to handle, multi-form feature and more.

WP Email Guard

It provides the ultimate protection for your email addresses and makes sure that even though your mail id is posted openly it does not get into the hands of spammers. This is the best mail protection system you can find. It converts the mail ids into a Java scripts code and is seen only when clicked over it.

WordPress File Monitor

This particular plugin monitors the different WordPress installation and the file information. Upon any change made, an email notification is sent to the concerned party.

Stealth Login

Stealth login gives ultimate protection when it comes to logins, and comes with a good range of security features. It is one of the easiest to use, convenient security protection systems that bring great results.

WP Security Scan

Performs detailed scanning functions on the WordPress site and identifies any sort of issue associated with it. It has easy customizing options as well.


The antivirus plugs in offers a complete and comprehensive scanning of the entire website and provides for a complete report on the malware and virus attacks on the website. It has a great line of features like the email scanning facility and more.

AskApache Password Protect

This is an ultimate plugin that comes with good results on password protection and security. It adds up several layers of protection on your password and its confidentiality.

Bulletproof Security

A complete security scan system that detects and roots out virus and malware object from the site completely. This protective system gets along well with the given name for the plugin.

Login Lockdown

It locks up a particular system from accessing an account on detection of several failed login attempts on it. Only upon request mail, the account login will be activated again.

When you are ready to set up internet business, all of these hacking protectors are known to be effective and they are already topping the charts. Ensure to keep the fundamentals strong by going for a more comprehensive and flexible WordPress theme which also updates itself on regular basis. The best and premium Genesis WordPress themes are among the best if you are looking to install more tools for convenience.

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Top 10 Security Plugins that Protect the Sites

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