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Top 5 Fastest Linux Web Browsers To Use in 2107

In this fast and advance growing world the competition has raised too much.. Now every day a new developer comes up with new ideas and cheap and best services. Now if you look at the numbers of web browsers to choose for Linux OS then it will be a very difficult task….. because of the increased competition….. SO TODAY WE WILL TELL YOU ABOUT SOME OF THE FASTEST LINUX BROWSER TO CHOOSE FROM…….



    Not only we, but many reports say and confirm this that firefox is the best and fastest linux browser for Linux OS confirmed through several polls 🙂 It also is the 3rd most widely used browser in the world not only because of its brand name but because of maintaining and improving the services that they provide. That is why it has topped the report with a great %age than others.

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    chrome was made in answer to Miccrosoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. And not only it made its place in them but also has become the most used browser in the world. When it came it surprised the world. And it is the second most voted in the poll of “FASTEST LINUX BROWSER” but on chrome you might likely use chromium as chrome.

  • OPERA:

    Despite having very low base (when opera was launched) it was the most innovative browser of that time- the first browser to have the speed dial feature. It regularly keeps on giving updates and is also free to use… It has very user friendly interface and also uses the low data usage feature making page load fast…. This feature makes it the 3rd fastest linux browser in the world.

  • WEB:

    WEB is the official web browser of the GNOME project, Web was previously called as Epiphany. It’s a WebKit-based browser which adheres to the design tenets of the GNOME project, offering a clean, simple interface and tight integration with the desktop environment. More recent versions have dropped support for user extensions, but a number of the most popular add-ons have become a core part of the browser. These include ad filtering, Greasemonkey support and mouse gestures. And it has got the 4th place in the fastest linux browser.


    Pale Moon started out as an optimized Firefox build for Windows, but has since expanded onto other platforms, and has moved away from Firefox in a number of ways. The most obvious is the decision to retain the classic Firefox UI instead of switching to Australis. This makes Pale Moon a desirable alternative for dissatisfied Firefox users, but there are a few caveats. Its Windows-centric legacy shows in a number of places, notably in the fact that the profile migration tool is not available for Linux. Pale Moon also isn’t fully compatible with Firefox add-ons, and some of the more popular extensions don’t work with it. If that’s not an obstacle for you, Pale Moon is an easy recommendation for anyone tired of Mozilla’s antics.

So this was all about the fastest linux browser and if you have any in your mind then don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section…

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Top 5 Fastest Linux Web Browsers To Use in 2107

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