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The Top 8 Music Apps On Mobile Technology

Owning a smartphone is virtually a must these days. It’s hard to image life without one. Standard phones have become relics as mobile technology has propelled these devices to the forefront of the cellular industry. Most smartphones have great facilities for music playback and storage. In fact the iPhone for example, can just about double up as an iPod. Music is one of the biggest considerations when designing a device as most smartphone users tend to be music lovers as well. It is with this in mind we take a look at 8 of the best music apps available to download.


If alchemy existed in electronic form then surely it would be manifested in this app. If you have ever heard a song or piece of music and wondered what it was called or who sang it, then this one is for you. Shazam can recognise over a million recorded songs or pieces of music and instantly provide you with that information. Just tap Shazam and wait for the magic to happen. It is pure genius and a must for any smartphone. It’s well worth the £3.99 for the Encore pro version.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

This one is not specifically a music app but it does relate to a musical artist…Nicki Minaj to be precise. Fans of the flamboyant pink haired rapper can brush up on her unique vocabulary and browse her numerous photos. This app also allows you to preview her latest album ‘Pink Friday. It’s reasonably priced too at 69p.

Justin Beiber Music

Not to be outdone, we have here the app for all you ‘Beliebers’ out there. Teenage girls across the globe will benefit from this resource as it provides all the information and updates you would ever need about this diminutive ubiquitous Canadian pop sensation. Keep up to date with his latest tweets and pics from this great little app. It’s free too so it won’t break the piggy bank!

Guitar Tuner

Picking up a five star rating on iTunes, this one is perfect for any guitarist. It allows you to fine tune your instrument by following the onscreen interface in a simple and user friendly way. It’s very accurate and you can see the pitch variation as you turn the tuning keys. It’s presently £1.99 on iTunes.

Note : Looking for free music on your android device? Try paradise pro!


This piece of software is one of the most popular music players available to Android users. Forget the standard player that comes with your device and indulge in this app which gives you a whole lot more. It has a 10 channel graphic equalizer which is capable of supporting various file formats as well as separate bass and treble adjustments. PowerAmp comes as a 15 day trial with the full price being £3.25 on the Android Market.

TuneIn Radio

One of the best apps you can get on all smartphones, this one allows the user to listen to just about any radio station on the planet, over 60,000 in fact. Need a change from Fearne Cotton on Radio One? Well why not tune in to CRN Digital in Los Angeles or Matariki FM in The Cook Islands! 69p on iTunes but free on the Android and Blackberry Markets.


Anthem Music Video

Like the name suggest, this app provides you with music videos. Specifically it will play music videos related to the track you are playing at the time. It is effectively a video version of Pandora. What’s good about this one is that it will provide you with suggestions of related artists in the same way as YouTube. It’s free too!


Finally we end on an app with a difference as this one focuses on your moods. Yes, your moods! You can tell the app what mood you’re in and it will play tracks relating to them. It’s hard to see how it would work on someone with moods swings but hey, it’s free!

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The Top 8 Music Apps On Mobile Technology

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