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Technology is making progress in leaps and bounds. Since every area of human life is being benefitted by its high paced growth, education is also getting its share. The student fraternity is no more confined to text books and class room lectures. It rather gets learning at any time anywhere, thanks to Android and IPad applications and techs, making learning a fun thing. Let’s check out some highly useful educational techs of 2017.

1. Smart Pens:

The smart pens are digital ball points attachable to computers .Every note one takes in class room lectures or useful extracts from books need to be organized and made accessible instantly when needed. This is the dire need of every student. The new Tech smart phone has made it possible. It can capture data (Written material) easily and transfers it to laptop or desktop. The microphone attached to it can capture in clear and crispy sound all the audio material of lectures and meetings.

Most of the smart pens are equipped with a soft touch grip making writing a very comfortable exercise. The display of data on screen is high class, high contrast and rich in brightness. Many smartphones are equipped with Bluetooth. Through this feature not only your written data is easily converted into text, but sharing and storing is also possible.

2. Digital Text Books:

Since E books and E reader are there for quite some time, Digital text books are also becoming popular with passage of time. These are books meant to serve as a text for class. This is a less costly alternative to mainstream traditional text books. Following are the reasons why digital text books are increasing becoming student’s choice.

  • Environmental friendly

  • Greater storage in minimum space-one tablet may contain hundreds of digital text books.

  • Interactive

  • Some digital text books can talk with readers

  • Handicapped students and students with disabilities like dyslexia or visual impairment can gain immense benefit out of this technology.

  • These are font flexible, making them easily readable.

Many universities around the world are using this technology .They have converted their syllabi into digitalized text books and now their students are learning collaboratively. These digital text books

3.Noise cancelling Head Phones:

Who doesn’t want calm atmosphere while studying, be it in library or dormitory. If there is no distraction by loud voices, your focus level increases manifold. These cover your entire year area making all noise distractions impossible to affect you.

Many of such devices have blue tooth compatibility, meaning that no wires are required. But still these are adaptable, depending on your environment, making them wired or wireless when required. Many models allow you take calls also through microphone which is built in.

4.Virtual Key Board

Virtual key boards operate in wireless environment and are portable. These can easily be packed in pocket or purse. These can operate on any kind of surface, flat or opaque. These are compatible with all smartphones. Compared to conventional Keypads, these keyboards have great speed. I.e. sometimes up to 400 words per minute.

Another important feature of a virtual keyboard is its support for multiple languages.

5. Solar Tech Backpacks:

These modern day tech bag packs are spacious, comfortable and compact .It carries in its multiple pockets, all your technology related gadgetry. It can store energy of sun light converted into electricity by thin film solar cells stored in batteries. You can also charge your devices by the help of its solar energy panels without using a socket. In this way, they are much environment friendly.

If it gets exposed to sun light for six hours, it can power an emergency light for 12 hours and laptop for 3 hours.

6. Flash Drives:

Data storage and security is a great concern for every user, let alone students. In 2017 some of the best techs have been introduced in the domain of flash drives, whose writing and reading speed is far superior to others.

If you want that your research and dissertations remain safe and not stolen by anybody you can buy encrypted flash drives which require pin code for accessing data on it.

7. Alarm Clock Tech:

For an early morning wake up requirement, every student direly needs a good alarm clock. Various types of alarm Clock have been launched in 2017, creating great assistance for students to avoid missing their classes. Besides being an alarm, many other features are added to these alarms, some of which are given below:

  • You can charge your smartphones also from these devices.

  • Some models create an illumination of sun light in room.


The writer of this article Walter Scott is a blogger and an educationist. ( Online assignment help ) In his free-lance writing endeavor, he contributes articles about futuristic technological issues concerning education.

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